Meet Virgile - Our Solutions Superstar

Get to know Virgile Vignaud, a Senior Solutions Consultant at Rosterfy, our motorcycle riding, Thai boxing enthusiast, working from our London office.

Rosterfy has a global team, with a diverse range of individuals working across all of our offices, Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Denver and Dallas. Virgile is based in our London office overlooking Tower Bridge.

"Hello, it's Virgile"

The Senior Solutions Consultant role at Rosterfy is really important to us and our customers.

Virgile’s responsibilities include making sure our customer’s needs are not just met but fully understood. That includes the overall objective of their volunteer programs, not just how to get our software up and running. 

His ability to build rapport with our customers and come up with innovative solutions to the unique challenges each of our customers have is one of the stand out reasons Rosterfy is recognised for our customer service.


Supporting Local Communities

“When I’m not working, I’m either gaming, listening to music, spending time with my wife and my dog, or Thai boxing. I love supporting my local gym, whether it’s going to events or buying their merchandise, I do everything I can to ensure we thrive together.” - Virgile Vignaud, Rosterfy.

At the core of Rosterfy’s mission is our commitment to connecting communities to causes they care passionately about. Community plays an important role in Virgil’s life which is evident in his Martial Arts club and the feeling of community and belonging that brings. 


A Human Approach

“I like to take what I call a “informal but professional” approach to my work. Why should learning a new system or troubleshooting be boring? Not everyday is a party when using a new system or when trying to work out how to use a new feature, but I like to make sure our customers not only understand how Rosterfy works but enjoy the process of learning too”
- Virgile

Feeling empowered in your role is a really important focus for Rosterfy. Our customers have begun to expect not only a consistent and professional experience when they need assistance but a personal approach to how we communicate with them, to show personality and passion, Virgile certainly brings that personality to his role.


Virgile Volunteering


Rosterfy has a culture of volunteering

“I simply feel I’ve found my calling working for Rosterfy. We have such a rewarding client-base and work with such wonderful people. My team is always happy to help, whether it be within Rosterfy or outside of our company. We put our money where our mouth is - we help you find volunteers, and we volunteer ourselves.”
- Virgile

Similar to his fellow Rosterfy team members, Virgile dedicates his time to supporting causes and actively participating in programs led by the organisations that utilise Rosterfy. Last year alone, he was among the many team members who collectively contributed over 500 hours to these causes.

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