Meet Matt 'Boiky' - Rosterfy's Engineering Lead

Get to know Rosterfy's first ever (and longest standing) employee, including why he loves developing and his favourite experiences working with Rosterfy.

Meet Matt Boik - commonly known as ‘Boiky’ to everyone in the office.

Fun fact. Matt is Rosterfy’s first and longest standing employee. Joining the team back in 2017 he was the first full time employee outside of the co founders and fortunately for us, he’s still here with us today. 

Rewind 6 years, Matt joined the team as Rosterfy’s first Backend Developer, tasked with managing the product under the guidance of our co founder, now Chief Solutions Architect, Chris Grant. 

Within six months of working at Rosterfy, Matt put forward a bold plan to revolutionise Rosterfy with a major upgrade, which is the Rosterfy you now know and love today - Rosterfy 2.0.

Today, Matt leads our Development team here in Australia as Engineering Lead. Although he’s not coding as much as he used to, Matt’s thorough knowledge of the product is being put to good use by mentoring our growing team and influencing the strategy and management for the next phase of Rosterfy’s growth. 

We sat down with Boiky to understand what he enjoys about working at Rosterfy including some of his favorite memories along the journey. 


What most excites you about your job?

“Honestly, there’s a lot of things! I’m able to make some really strategic decisions that help drive a project forward and a lot of the time that’s using new technology, which for us developers, is always really exciting.”

“Devs in general just love learning. Every dev that I’ve worked with, who likes their job, loves learning. Developers don’t want to code the same code day in and day out. We like trying new things and finding solutions to complex problems to help make people’s lives easier - fortunately we get to do a lot of this at Rosterfy!” 


What made you decide to work with Rosterfy?

“Back when I was interviewing for Rosterfy, I was also considering a few other opportunities. But when I’d go to these interviews I’d find myself asking, ‘Why am I here?’, ‘Is this someone I want to be working for?’ 

“For me, I wanted to work for a company where if my kids ask me what I do for my job, that I can tell them and be proud of it. Rosterfy is that for me.”

“I’m really proud to tell them that we’re helping Lifeline do this and British Heart Foundation do that, and that this big event that they’re watching on telly, we helped!” 

Matt Boik - Feature (1)

Boiky (pictured far right) at a personal development day with the Rosterfy Dev Team


What’s been a career highlight for you?

“In 2022, I was fortunate enough to travel for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar for a month which was an incredible opportunity. I haven’t done too much travel having started a family quite early and to be able to be at such a big event in a new and exciting place was a real pinch me moment.”

As developers, having the opportunity to see the impact of your product in person is a real treat and given our love of problem solving it was fun to do this in a fast paced environment. 

I remember one instance where staff were using ipads to check in their volunteers and were having trouble clicking the button because it was too small  on the iPad. I jumped into the back end and made the button bigger  and their faces literally lit up and they were so thankful - it was great.”

Matt Boik - Feature

Boiky (pictured centre) enjoying camel riding in Qatar alongside colleagues Mark (left) and Miled (right)

Have you caught the volunteering bug since working at Rosterfy?

“Last year Rosterfy introduced our ‘Volympics’, which encouraged employees to get out in the community and give back. I decided to take my family with me to volunteer with Planet Ark, where we planted trees in the local community.”

“Not only did the organisation do an incredible job putting on an amazing day for their volunteers, the kids absolutely loved it and it’s something we're looking forward to doing on a regular basis. It’s great to work for a company that recognises giving back and actively encourages us to do it.”


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