Meet Abbie - A superstar on and off the field!

Get to know our Head of People and Culture, Abbie as we learn more about her impressive double life as a professional athlete for Lacrosse Australia.

At Rosterfy, we’re extremely lucky to work with a broad range of individuals who are not only brilliant operators within their respective fields but who also have some amazing hidden talents that we’re keen to shine the spotlight on.

Introducing Abbie!

Meet Abbie Brice, our exceptional Head of People and Culture at Rosterfy. Abbie's not just an expert in people and culture; she's also a professional athlete having represented Australia in lacrosse for the last 15 years. 


Successful both on and off the field!

After being introduced to lacrosse in secondary school as part of a sports accelerator program, Abbie fell in love with the athleticism and unique skills that the sport demanded. Quickly ascending through the ranks, Abbie has represented her state and country at the highest level, all whilst juggling work and a growing family. 

In 2007 Abbie first represented Australia in the World Cup, the first of multiple selections throughout her impressive career. Her dedication and talent led her to the seniors' team in 2013 and 2017, before making history in 2018 as one of only two Australians drafted into the professional lacrosse league in the US for team Philadelphia Fire.

Introducing - Abbie! (1)

While COVID and family responsibilities delayed her participation in the 2021 Women's World Cup, Abbie is currently a member of the Senior Women's Squad for the Box World Championships, which will take place in Utica, New York. 

So what's it like juggling a career, family and life as a professional athlete? In Abbie’s words, ‘it's a lot!’ Training 8-9 sessions per week inline with elite level performance, most lacrosse athletes are also juggling full time work with the funding not as generous as other sports, Abbie is in our opinion, the ultimate multi tasker. 

If working part time, playing a professional sport and being a mum wasn’t enough, Abbie also now volunteers her time as Chair of the Board for Lacrosse Australia, an important role given lacrosse’s inclusion as an Olympic sport for 2028 in LA. 


Finding purpose with your work

The team at Rosterfy are very lucky to have Abbie’s wealth on our side. Having worked with notable companies like carsales,, and redbubble, Abbie was drawn to Rosterfy by its purpose and mission. 

For me, it's really important to have a high level of engagement and intrinsic motivation where you believe or are ignited by the purpose or mission of an organisation. The fact that Rosterfy provides pathways for individuals and organizations to unlock volunteer opportunities for people who are passionate about certain causes is something that is close to my heart, especially with my background in the sports world.” 


Ensuring work, life balance

Away from the corporate and lacrosse worlds, Abbie's perfect weekend involves a scenic drive down the coast, a refreshing swim in Lorne (rain, hail or shine!), a bushwalk, and a well-deserved cold beverage at the Wye Hotel. 

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