When is National Volunteer Appreciation Week 2023?

National Volunteer Appreciation Week is a celebration of giving and supporting causes. It's an opportunity to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the volunteers in your community.

Mark your calendars because National Volunteer Appreciation Week is just around the corner.

Scheduled for 16 – 23 April 2023, National Volunteer Appreciation Week is a celebration not to be missed. The week offers the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the volunteers in your community..

What is National Volunteer Appreciation Week?

National Volunteer Appreciation Week was established in the United States to recognise and honour the countless contributions of volunteers all over the country who selflessly give their time and energy to make a positive impact in their communities. Similar celebrations are held in countries around the world at different times during the year.

National Volunteer Appreciation Week is an annual celebration and a time to thank volunteers for the invaluable work they do in many areas including healthcare, education, social services, and the environment. The week is dedicated to recognising the efforts of volunteers and highlighting the impact they have on communities.

During National Volunteer Appreciation Week, organisations and communities express gratitude for volunteers, showing them they are valued and appreciated. This is done in various ways including by hosting volunteer recognition ceremonies and by featuring volunteers on social media. These events and activities showcase the remarkable contributions of volunteers and provide a platform for encouraging others to join in volunteering activities.

National Volunteer Appreciation Week is an occasion to commemorate the impact of volunteering and the transformative effect it can have on individuals and communities.

What are the origins of National Volunteer Appreciation Week?

The origins of National Volunteer Appreciation Week can be traced back to the 1970s, a time when volunteerism was gaining momentum in the United States. In 1974, US President Richard Nixon signed an executive order marking the third week of April as National Volunteer Week. The aim of having a dedicated week was to promote and encourage volunteering.

The concept of volunteering evolved over the years and in 1990, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to promoting and recognising volunteerism (Points of Light Foundation) was founded and took over coordinating National Volunteer Week. The scope of the week was then expanded to highlight the importance of recognising and appreciating volunteers. Today, the week-long celebration includes various activities such as thank-you lunches, recognition ceremonies and gift-giving, all aimed at highlighting the impact of volunteerism.

How to celebrate volunteers during National Volunteer Appreciation Week?

Let’s look at some ways we can celebrate volunteers during National Volunteer Appreciation Week:

  • Organise a volunteer recognition ceremony to honour the efforts of volunteers in your community. This could be a simple ceremony, or a larger event with speeches, awards and certificates of recognition presented.
  • Host a volunteer appreciation lunch or dinner to thank volunteers for their contributions. You could host a picnic in a local park, where volunteers can be thanked for their contribution with a small token of appreciation or a certificate of recognition.
  • Use social media to recognise and thank volunteers. One way to do this is by posting photos to Facebook or Instagram of volunteers in action. Include captions explaining the work they’re doing and the impact it’s having.
  • Send handwritten thank you notes or small gifts to volunteers in appreciation of their dedication and hard work. Customised tote bags, t-shirts and mugs with your organisation’s logo are useful gifts that can have sentimental value too.
  • Create a "Wall of Fame" of volunteers. This is a photo board of volunteers who have had a significant impact on the community or organisation.




As National Volunteer Appreciation Week 2023 approaches, it’s important we remember to appreciate the unwavering commitment and kindness of the volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to making a positive difference in our communities. Whether it be through thank-you events, gift-giving or acknowledgement on social media, it is vital we show our appreciation and
thanks for volunteers. So join us as we celebrate National Volunteer Appreciation Week 2023.

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