The Synergy of Volunteer Management and Fundraising: Key Trends for Charities and Non-Profits

In the dynamic landscape of charities and nonprofits, the intersection of volunteer management and fundraising is where innovation and impact converge.

In the ever-changing world of charities and nonprofits, the fusion of volunteer management and fundraising is where creativity and influence come together. To excel in this setting, organisations must tap into the potential of volunteers, optimise their processes, and acquire the necessary resources to uphold their missions.

Last week Rosterfy were fortunate enough to attend and speak at BBCON Sydney, where Co Founder, Shannan Gove, was joined by our client, Lifeline Australia, to discuss the ways in which volunteer management and fundraising intersect. 

Shannan shares the key takeaways from BBCON Sydney in the below article. 

Top 5 takeaways from BBCON Sydney

BBCON Sydney was a great opportunity to connect with charities and nonprofits to better understand the correlation between volunteer management and fundraising and how the two teams can work together to drive fundraising and better serve their communities. 

Here are my top 5 reasons charities and nonprofits should invest in their volunteer management program to drive fundraising success. 


1. Cost & Work efficiencies

Charities and non-profits often operate on tight budgets, making the efficient allocation of resources crucial. Investing in a volunteer management solution can significantly improve work efficiencies:

a. Streamlining Operations: Manual volunteer management processes can be time-consuming and error-prone. By embracing technology, organisations can automate scheduling, communication, and reporting, reducing administrative overheads and freeing up resources for other essential tasks - like focusing on new ways in which to fundraise.

b. Time Savings: With an efficient volunteer management system in place, staff can spend less time on administrative work and more time on fundraising efforts, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

c. Improved Allocation: A well-managed volunteer program ensures that volunteers are assigned to tasks that match their skills and interests, maximising their contribution to the organisation.


2. Recruiting More Volunteers

Volunteers are not only valuable contributors to your cause but also potential donors and brand advocates. Increasing your volunteer base can lead to more opportunities for fundraising:

a. Donor-Volunteers: Did you know that 85% of volunteers are more likely to donate with organizations that they volunteer for? By providing a fulfilling volunteer experience, you can inspire individuals to further support your cause financially and even encourage their friends and family to come and join them increasing your potential donor pool. 

b. Corporate Partnerships: Consider introducing corporate volunteer programs to unlock funding opportunities. Many businesses encourage their employees to volunteer, and these programs can lead to large financial contributions and sponsorships that can be a game changer for nonprofits and charities.

3. Data Insights

Data is the currency of modern philanthropy. Utilising data effectively can help justify additional funding and enhance the performance of your organisation:

a. Impact Assessment: Collect data on the impact of your volunteer program within your community. Highlight success stories, quantify the return on investment of your volunteers, and illustrate the outcomes of your initiatives. This data can be a powerful tool when seeking support from donors and grant providers.

b. Personalized Fundraising: Use data insights to tailor your fundraising strategies. Understand your donors' preferences and giving patterns to create personalised campaigns that resonate with their interests and values.


4. Data Security, Compliance & Onboarding

Safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance are non-negotiables for charities and non-profits when it comes to minimising risk and maintaining positive brand association::

a. Secure Data Storage: Choose a volunteer management system that employs robust security measures like AWS servers to safely store and manage data. This not only protects your volunteers' information and ensures a positive experience for them. 

b. Compliance with Legislation: Maintain and comply with government regulations such as Working with Children Checks through thorough onboarding processes. This ensures the safety of your volunteers and upholds your organization's integrity within the community.

The risk of not being compliant is too high. Recently I watched the documentary on Netflix, ‘Scouts Honor’, which highlighted the absolutely devastating impacts of not having adequate screening measures in place. Systems like Rosterfy can help nonprofits automatically screen and onboard their volunteers to ensure compliance and avoid reputational damage. 

c. Automated Training: Create automated training and induction modules that enhance compliance and volunteer preparation. This not only ensures consistency but also minimizes the risk of errors or omissions in critical procedures.


5. Enhancing the Volunteer Experience

Today's volunteers, particularly Gen Z, expect a tech-savvy and engaging experience. An enhanced volunteer experience can lead to higher retention rates and increased advocacy:

a. User-Friendly Technology: Provide volunteers with user-friendly platforms for registration, scheduling, and communication to ensure a positive user experience that helps to engage and retain your volunteers.. This technology simplifies their engagement and fosters a positive experience and positive experiences are more likely to encourage donations..

b. Recognition and Feedback: Acknowledge and appreciate your volunteers' efforts. Offering recognition and opportunities for feedback creates a sense of belonging and motivation, which can lead to continued support, both in terms of time and donations.


In conclusion, the synergy between volunteer management and fundraising is a potent force in the non-profit sector. By embracing these trends, organisations can not only increase their efficiency and impact but also secure the resources needed to drive their missions forward. As the philanthropic landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead of these trends is essential for success and sustainability.


How to Future Proof your Volunteer Management

With the increasing need to enhance the overall volunteering experience and engage with Generation Z, nonprofits and charities have a lot to consider in order to ensure the long-term success of their programs. That's why we have created a comprehensive white paper on how to future-proof your volunteer program, providing practical advice and insights from organizations that have seen great benefits from implementing changes.

Download your free copy now and discover how to ensure the sustainability and success of your volunteer program.


Future Proof your Volunteer Program

In this White Paper we show you how to make changes to your volunteer and fundraising operation to ensure it's sustainability and success.


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