Sync your Salesforce records and volunteer information with Rosterfy

Effortlessly sync your volunteer information with your Salesforce contact details with Rosterfy's integration.

We’re excited to launch our new improved Salesforce integration allowing you to effortlessly sync your volunteer information with your contacts in Salesforce.


What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the gold-standard for CRM systems. It’s the world’s leading platform and used by large enterprise organizations to keep track of records across multiple services and teams.

Their goal is to unite sales, customer service and support teams allowing them to share information which benefits everyone across the organisation.

Rosterfy’s integration with Salesforce is fully aligned to the mission by allowing you to seamlessly sync your volunteer information across to Salesforce Contacts giving you a single, clear picture of volunteer history and activities.


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How does Salesforce integrate with Rosterfy?

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management software solutions for sales, service and marketing. Our improved integration with Salesforce allows for the creation of a user or volunteer in Rosterfy to be synced across as a contact in Salesforce. It will now allow for updates to those Salesforce contacts to flow back to Rosterfy updating volunteer data.

As long as the field has been permitted in the integration settings this will allow a seamless and real-time update of your data. This is all managed through an API which merges the updates frequently throughout your day.


Modules in Salesforce supported by the Rosterfy integration


Rosterfy supports the ability to sync the user module in Rosterfy with the Salesforce Contact module. You can choose which fields are sent to Salesforce from a simple and easy to use drop-down menu.


One way custom schemas

For those with the technical knowledge we’ve offered the ability to add a custom schema or custom payload. This offers you much more flexibility than the standard contact integration - however we recommend you are proficient in writing JSON to implement.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on custom schemas.


Shifts, shift user and role offers

You can send shifts to Salesforce through our improved integration. Rosterfy will store the ID from the API request and update that record in the future. Shift Users can also be sent across in a JSON payload allowing for timesheets to be sent. 

Lastly, regarding the integration of shifts, role offers can be synchronised to Salesforce including details such as role offer id, location, job title, venue and more.


Custom Field Transformations

A particularly helpful new feature within our improved integration is the ability for Rosterfy to convert some custom fields to meet Salesforce naming conventions. The following custom fields are available for synchronisation between Rosterfy and Salesforce.


Want to know more about the Rosterfy integration with Salesforce?

If you’d like to know more about the Rosterfy integration with Salesforce then speak to your customer success manager or contact us.



What You Should Measure From Your Volunteer Program

Creating a solid framework and process for measuring the impact of your well-run and successful volunteering program is the key to making it even more effective and sustainable.


Integrations with Rosterfy

We understand many organisations use a range of different applications and business critical software such as Stripe. Rosterfy seamlessly integrates with many of the most popular applications allowing you to continue to benefit from them and effortlessly link their functionality to your volunteer management.

From Salesforce for your CRM data, Instagram for your social media and DocuSign for document management, we’ve got an integration for dozens of the most popular apps.

For more information on the applications that Rosterfy integrates with check out this helpful summary.


About Rosterfy

Rosterfy is used by nonprofits, charities, sporting federations, and more to better manage their volunteer programs by improving how they can recruit, screen, train, and retain volunteers.

Our market leading technology helps you create an engaging experience throughout the whole lifecycle of your volunteer journey.

Book a call today.


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