Rosterfy announces $2m in funding to supercharge its global growth strategy

Rosterfy announces that it has raised $2m AUD in private equity funding as part of major new drive to develop its footprint globally.

Rosterfy announced today that it has raised $2 milion AUD  in private equity funding as part of major new drive which is set to see the business develop its footprint globally.

“This funding marks an important milestone for Rosterfy“ said Shannan Gove, Rosterfy’s Co-Founder. “Whilst we’re immensely proud of the client list and passionate core team that we have been able to build up over the past four years - this funding will take Rosterfy to the next level.”

A New Era for Rosterfy

The announcement marks a new era for the business which was founded in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. Born from the idea of Gove and his co founders Bennett Merriman and Chris Grant who were university students struggling to find work experience in the Events, Sport and Entertainment industry they decided to create their own company solely dedicated to connecting motivated university students with event organisations. It was through this experience of managing workforces in spreadsheets and lacking engagement with their volunteers that the trio decided to build a workforce management platform together - that they quickly realised the niche this platform could have for other workforce managers around the world.

Gove said, “One of our first paying customers in 2015 was Tough Mudder,  over the course of that first year we were able to save them over 50 hours per week on their workforce operations which really nailed home the fact we were solving a problem and it was directly saving organisations time and money. Since then our team have focussed solely on building out our platform to further reduce the administration time organisations are wasting managing their workforce in spreadsheets and non fit for purpose systems through automations, and equally on how do we increase the engagement, retention and empowerment of the end workforce”

Expanding the global footprint

Today, Rosterfy operates across four continents and consists of a global team of experts supporting clients such as Cancer Council, Team London, Super Bowl LIV, Dubai World Expo 2020 and Kentucky Derby Festival, to name a few. It is now quickly becoming the world’s most flexible and scalable cloud-based platforms to help clients better to schedule, communicate and retain a vast array of workforce needs. 

“As our business has grown we have realised that we can work with clients in 10 to 15 different verticals around the world - from large cities and not for profits, to universities, professional sporting teams and some of the biggest events in the world.” Gove continued. “A big priority for 2020 will be on focusing our attention on a few of these sectors and diving deeper into the problems we can solve for them at both the small and large scale.”

An award-winning year

This funding follows a successful few months for the company during which it won the prestigious Australia and New Zealand Sports Technology Awards in the “Fast Growth” and “Sports Technology Management” categories and successfully completed a two-month global market research initiative with investors.

“The global market research conducted as part of this investment revealed an NPS score of 79 which is testament to the hard work of our product and support teams around the world every single day,“ said Gove. “This also shows that whether it’s one of the largest sporting events in the world like the Super Bowl or a small not for profit doing incredible work in the community - our clients really appreciate the support, scale and flexibility of Rosterfy.”

If you would like to see how Rosterfy could work for your organisation, get in touch with us today to set up a demo. 

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