Case Study: NephCure

How Rosterfy helped NephCure streamline processes, improve communication, and maximize volunteer impact.

NephCure, committed to supporting individuals with rare kidney diseases, needed to enhance its volunteer program to drive greater community engagement and support. Facing challenges in recruitment, engagement, and retention, NephCure recognized the need for a comprehensive volunteer management solution. By partnering with Rosterfy, NephCure aimed to streamline processes, improve communication, and maximize volunteer impact.

“Before Rosterfy, NephCure didn’t have a platform. They were just using spreadsheets to track years of service and names.” -Kimberly Figgs, Associate Director of Community Engagement at NephCure


The Challenge: Tailoring, Tracking, and Streamlining the Volunteer Experience

When NephCure set out to enhance its volunteer management system, it explored various platforms to meet its unique needs. Kimberly Figgs spearheaded the selection process, drawing upon her extensive experience in volunteer management. Among the platforms evaluated, Rosterfy emerged as the clear choice.

Volunteer Journeys

NephCure sought a platform that could provide visibility into the entire volunteer journey, from onboarding to engagement and beyond. Rosterfy's robust tracking capabilities enabled NephCure to monitor volunteer progress, measure engagement metrics, and optimize strategies for recruitment and retention effectively.

“The number one thing was Rosterfy’s ability to show the whole volunteer journey. To take people through it so they can see the process they’re going on is incredible.” -Kimberly Figgs, Associate Director of Community Engagement at NephCure


Rosterfy's customizable interface also allowed NephCure to tailor the platform to its specific requirements, ensuring a seamless integration with existing processes and branding. The ability to adapt and evolve the platform according to NephCure's changing needs was a crucial factor in its selection.

“The look and feel of Rosterfy was key. The fact that we could customize it in whatever way we wanted to was amazing. We still haven’t even discovered all the different ways we can customize it, which is so exciting moving forward. I’m constantly learning new ways the platform can be used.” -Kimberly Figgs, Associate Director of Community Engagement at NephCure


Efficiency in volunteer management was paramount for NephCure, given its limited resources and remote operations. Rosterfy's automation features streamlined processes such as onboarding, communication, and event management, allowing NephCure to focus on fostering meaningful connections with volunteers.

“I needed something that was going to automatically send volunteers through their onboarding process, and none of the other platforms we looked at had automations as good as Rosterfy’s.” -Kimberly Figgs, Associate Director of Community Engagement at NephCure


The New NephCure: Volunteer Engagement Redefined

Streamlined Volunteer Onboarding

Before Rosterfy, NephCure struggled with manual processes and outdated systems, hindering volunteer onboarding and training efforts. Rosterfy's user-friendly interface and customizable onboarding workflows simplified the process, ensuring volunteers can receive necessary information efficiently. With automated reminders and notifications, NephCure can now effectively guide volunteers through the onboarding journey, reducing administrative burden and enhancing engagement from day one.

“We use automations for sending people through their individual onboarding journeys. We use them to send emails and to notify me when someone has sent in their initial application. After I’ve reviewed their profile and need to send them the next step — scheduling their interview, for instance — I do that through an automation. Then once they’ve scheduled their interview, an automation lets me know. If anyone is stuck in the onboarding process, an automation gives me a heads-up. There are also automations that let me know once volunteers have completed their training. Pretty much anything in the onboarding process that can be automated is automated through Rosterfy, and it’s a huge time-saver for me.” -Kimberly Figgs, Associate Director of Community Engagement at NephCure

With a diverse volunteer base encompassing individuals of all ages, it was crucial for the platform to be intuitive and accessible to users of all ages. Rosterfy excels in this regard by offering a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation, accommodating volunteers with varying levels of technological proficiency. Whether volunteers are digital natives or less familiar with technology, Rosterfy's platform ensures a smooth and inclusive experience for volunteers across generations.

“I haven’t run into any issues onboarding people or taking them through the process of applying, using the dashboard, and using Rosterfy’s features. From the responses I get back from volunteers about the platform, we haven’t had any complaints — which is a very good thing. And that’s with a wide range of ages.” -Kimberly Figgs, Associate Director of Community Engagement at NephCure

Enhanced Volunteer Engagement

Maintaining meaningful connections with volunteers proved challenging for NephCure, particularly in a remote operating environment. Rosterfy's communication tools, including texting features, facilitate personalized outreach and real-time engagement. By fostering continuous communication and providing timely updates, NephCure has strengthened relationships with volunteers, resulting in heightened enthusiasm and commitment to the organization's mission.

“Rosterfy has increased our engagement with our volunteers, for sure. Being able to send a quick text, being able to design a platform and the dashboard and make the pages look beautiful and branded to us, has encouraged our volunteers to do more. My duties don’t allow for as much face time with volunteers as I’d like. That’s why Rosterfy’s automations are so important. They let me give our volunteers a personal touch, even with my busy schedule.” -Kimberly Figgs, Associate Director of Community Engagement at NephCure

Efficient Event Management

NephCure's flagship fundraising event, Countdown to a Cure, presented logistical challenges in volunteer coordination and role assignment. Rosterfy revolutionized event management by centralizing volunteer sign-ups, training, and scheduling. Through the platform's intuitive interface, NephCure efficiently organized volunteers, assigned roles, and provided necessary training materials. As a result, Countdown to a Cure ran smoothly, with volunteers empowered to contribute effectively to the event's success.

“Countdown to a Cure is our biggest annual fundraising event. We need volunteers for it to run our raffle, our sign-in, our coat check — people have to be in about a million places at once. Historically, NephCure has used just staff and hasn’t been able to properly use volunteers to help with that event. With Rosterfy, I was able to create the event and roles for our volunteer force to sign up and train for. We got a ton of help using Rosterfy for Countdown to a Cure last year, especially in terms of the organization of volunteers and their roles.” -Kimberly Figgs, Associate Director of Community Engagement at NephCure

Exceptional Customer Support

Throughout the implementation process, NephCure benefited from Rosterfy's dedicated customer support team. Kimberly commended Rosterfy's Senior Solutions Consultant, Keri, for her unwavering support and guidance. With timely assistance and responsive communication, Rosterfy ensured a smooth transition and empowered NephCure to maximize the platform's capabilities effectively.

“My implementation specialist is Keri, and she’s so sweet and so nice and so patient. I’ve dealt with the opposite from other platforms I’ve used, so that really stands out with Rosterfy. Everything is easy to follow, and if I ever have a question, I can reach out. Keri has been out of this world with her support. I’ve asked her some questions over and over, and she always answers them with grace. And I just appreciate that so much as someone who’s doing a million things at once. She has been instrumental in helping our organization in every way that she can.” -Kimberly Figgs, Associate Director of Community Engagement at NephCure



As volunteering trends evolve towards digital platforms, NephCure remains committed to leveraging technology to enhance the volunteer experience. With Rosterfy's robust features and ongoing support, NephCure is poised to continue driving meaningful impact, fostering community engagement, and revolutionizing volunteer management in the fight against rare kidney diseases.

“The future of volunteering is definitely going more digital. Having a platform like Rosterfy — one that volunteers can call home, where they can see all the roles available to them, where they can have every resource they need at their fingertips — is essential. Volunteers really like to have an abundance of information and an abundance of tasks to do, so having everything digital and mobile-friendly goes a long way in retaining volunteers and keeping them energized to help the organization.” -Kimberly Figgs, Associate Director of Community Engagement at NephCure

By partnering with Rosterfy, NephCure has transformed its volunteer management practices, achieving significant improvements in recruitment, engagement, and retention. With streamlined onboarding processes, enhanced communication tools, efficient event management capabilities, and exceptional customer service, NephCure has maximized volunteer impact and strengthened its mission-driven initiatives.


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