Case Study: Harris County Houston Sports Authority

How Harris County Houston Sports Authority revolutionized their volunteer communication and engagement with Rosterfy.

Elevating volunteer communication and engagement was a game-changer for Harris County Houston Sports Authority (HCHSA), a beacon of sports excellence overseeing top-tier professional sports venues. This case study explores the impactful shift that transformed their volunteer program, a pivotal factor in the success of major sporting events.

From hosting the College Football Playoffs to the Division I Men’s Final Four Championship, HCHSA's strategic change not only enhanced volunteer involvement but also set a new standard for how sports organizations can elevate their events and leave a lasting impact on the community.


The Role of Volunteers

Mackenzie Skrla, Volunteer Manager at HCHSA, highlights the indispensable role volunteers play in the organization's endeavors. "Our events wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers. We rely so heavily on our volunteers during these events. It’s crucial that we have them," says Skrla.

Volunteers not only augment the workforce during events but also serve as ambassadors, embodying the spirit of Houston's sports culture.

"There are times where our volunteers are working right alongside our staff. They’re basically an extension of our team during an event." -Mackenzie Skrla, Volunteer Manager at Harris County Houston Sports Authority


The Challenge: Automating Communication and Coordination

In the dynamic landscape of event management, HCHSA encountered various communication challenges and logistical hurdles in effectively managing their volunteer workforce. Ensuring seamless coordination, timely communication, and appreciation for volunteers emerged as crucial aspects in achieving event success.


The Solution: Rosterfy's Volunteer Management Software

To streamline volunteer management and address communication challenges, HCHSA turned to Rosterfy's comprehensive volunteer management platform. From scheduling shifts to tracking volunteer hours and facilitating communication, Rosterfy emerged as the backbone of HCHSA's volunteer operations.

"We use it as our entire volunteer management platform, from scheduling shifts to tracking shifts to communication with our volunteers. Rosterfy's automated communications are a lifesaver for us. It's like having a personal assistant that takes care of the nitty-gritty details, freeing up our time for more important tasks. What really helps, though, is the history of communications neatly stored against each account. It's a dream come true for our team and volunteers – no more searching through endless threads or scattered emails. Everything is right there in one place, making our lives so much easier. Any time we’re communicating with our volunteers, we do all of that through Rosterfy." -Mackenzie Skrla, Volunteer Manager, Harris County Houston Sports Authority


Communication Reinvented

Today's volunteers demand efficient access to pertinent information, and outdated communication methods fall short. Rosterfy empowers HCHSA’s volunteer managers to craft personalized email and SMS templates, seamlessly integrated with their brand identity. These automated communications ensure timely delivery of tailored messages through volunteers' preferred channels.

Meanwhile, HCHSA volunteers enjoy a centralized hub for updates, briefings, and event details via a customized portal accessible from any device. Direct communication with staff and team leads is facilitated through built-in messaging, and file-sharing workspaces enable volunteer-led coordination and community building. Skrla underscores the significance of communication in volunteer retention:

"Our biggest task in retention is communication. It’s really important we have communication with our volunteers so they feel like they’re in on the event just as much as we are." -Mackenzie Skrla, Volunteer Manager, Harris County Houston Sports Authority

Rosterfy's platform serves as the primary conduit for communication, facilitating automated reminders, regular emails, and targeted communications tailored to specific volunteer groups or shifts.

"We do all of our communication through Rosterfy." -Mackenzie Skrla, Volunteer Manager, Harris County Houston Sports Authority


Recognition and Appreciation

Recognizing the invaluable contribution of volunteers, HCHSA goes the extra mile in expressing gratitude and appreciation:

"We do our best to offer some type of incentive or reward following the event. A volunteer celebration or tickets to a game." -Mackenzie Skrla, Volunteer Manager, Harris County Houston Sports Authority

Post-event, detailed reports and statistics are compiled, providing volunteers with a tangible measure of their impact.

"Post-event, our marketing team will put together a by-the-numbers email to our volunteers detailing how many volunteers we had and how many hours were completed. We pull that data from Rosterfy." -Mackenzie Skrla, Volunteer Manager, Harris County Houston Sports Authority


Continuous Support and Innovation

Skrla lauds Rosterfy's unwavering support and commitment to innovation:

"I’ve been through a lot with Rosterfy over the years. Rosterfy is a program we utilize a lot." -Mackenzie Skrla, Volunteer Manager, Harris County Houston Sports Authority

The platform's user-friendly interface, coupled with responsive customer support, ensures a seamless experience for HCHSA and its volunteers. Skrla emphasizes the importance of personalized support:

"The ability to contact our representative is super helpful. Any time we have questions, she’s there." -Mackenzie Skrla, Volunteer Manager, Harris County Houston Sports Authority



In the realm of volunteer management, Rosterfy stands as a beacon of innovation, enabling organizations like HCHSA to harness the collective power of volunteers and elevate the success of sporting events. As HCHSA continues to push the boundaries of excellence, Rosterfy remains an indispensable ally in their quest for event success.

"We've looked into other options, but there has never been a platform that offers as much as Rosterfy. I really appreciate how they are continuously adjusting and helping to better fit organizations like ours." -Mackenzie Skrla, Volunteer Manager, Harris County Houston Sports Authority


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