Case Study: SPORTERA

How Rosterfy enhanced SPORTERA’s event success across four countries and a diverse volunteer base.

Rosterfy's transformative impact on SPORTERA's volunteer management for their MUDGIRL races exemplifies the agency's commitment to crafting exceptional experiences. This vibrant event, spanning countries from the USA to Canada, France, and the UK, is more than a race—it's a celebration of joy, camaraderie, and women’s empowerment.

Rosterfy has navigated the intricacies of SPORTERA’s group volunteering, improved volunteer retention and recruitment efforts, and skillfully tackled the challenges in orchestrating international events.


International Event Challenges

Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of MUDGIRL races. Despite being a small company of 25 people, SPORTERA relies on a pool of 2000+ volunteers, emphasizing the significance of community support. Like participants, volunteers range widely in age and experience, creating a diverse and engaged community.

Handling volunteers for international events, especially when dealing with diverse groups and managing a variety of opportunities, presented a challenge. SPORTERA needed a solution that would streamline volunteer management, from recruitment and retention to event logistics.

Managing volunteers across borders means contending with different time zones, languages, and cultural nuances. The need for effective communication becomes paramount, as coordinating efforts and disseminating crucial information demand a delicate balance.

Rosterfy's volunteer management software emerged as the solution of choice for SPORTERA in overcoming these challenges. The platform allows SPORTERA to handle events in different countries seamlessly, eliminating the need for multiple platforms:

"We're able to set up events in all our countries using just one platform. No juggling with different tools - it's all streamlined and unified, making our global reach smooth and hassle-free." -Quentin Poilblanc, Sport Sponsorship & Partnership Manager, SPORTERA


Group and Family Volunteering

SPORTERA capitalizes on a distinctive capability offered by Rosterfy—in particular, features like Rosterfy's group and family volunteering have been a game changer when it comes to volunteer recruitment.

"When it comes to group volunteering, Rosterfy has truly been a game-changer. Typically, we see families eager to volunteer together, and we also have sports clubs looking to stay together throughout the process. Rosterfy’s group and family volunteering allows us to bring in many more volunteers than we would normally have access to and while remaining compliant working with underage volunteers.” -Quentin Poilblanc, Sport Sponsorship & Partnership Manager, SPORTERA

Rosterfy's group and family volunteering functions have significantly contributed to SPORTERA's ability to manage and coordinate volunteer efforts with exceptional efficiency. The tailored features, such as the distinction between groups and families, have proven invaluable in accommodating the diverse dynamics of volunteers associated with MUDGIRL’s events.

The group volunteering feature allows individual users to self-select into groups of people who wish to volunteer together, such as the sports clubs Quentin spoke of. These groups are headed by group leaders, who can invite other users to join their respective groups through email invitations. This capability greatly reduces the administrative workload for SPORTERA, allowing for swift and hassle-free assembly of volunteer teams for specific opportunities.

Furthermore, the platform empowers SPORTERA's group leaders by offering the flexibility to directly assign individuals to shifts or send email invitations, providing a nuanced control over volunteer participation. The option to extend invitations to individuals outside formal groups enhances the adaptability of the platform to SPORTERA's specific needs.

The family volunteering feature within Rosterfy has proven crucial for SPORTERA in scenarios where all family members cannot register individually. This functionality is particularly helpful when accommodating children or couples who prefer to volunteer together without dealing with multiple logins.

"We have a lot of interest from parents saying they'd love to bring their kids along to volunteer. With the family volunteering function, parents can register their children to volunteer without them needing an email to create their own account. This also means that when it comes to volunteering, we can keep families in shifts together to ensure they have a guardian present at all times." -Quentin Poilblanc, Sport Sponsorship & Partnership Manager, SPORTERA

Rosterfy has significantly lightened the recruitment responsibilities of SPORTERA's administrators, contributing to a further streamlining of the volunteer management process. Rosterfy's group and family volunteering functions provide SPORTERA with a comprehensive solution, offering an efficient and organized approach to managing their diverse volunteer base.


Recruitment and Retention

One of Rosterfy's standout features lies in its ability to automate communication with ease. Quentin highlights the platform's effectiveness in deploying automated emails for a spectrum of crucial elements:

“I use Rosterfy for sending automated emails for events. Logistics emails, parking passes, every little detail required in running an event — I use Rosterfy for all of that. The automated emails are so helpful.” -Quentin Poilblanc, Sport Sponsorship & Partnership Manager, SPORTERA

This not only alleviates the administrative burden on SPORTERA but also ensures that volunteers receive timely and relevant information, enhancing their overall engagement and satisfaction.

This targeted communication is pivotal in volunteer retention, as it allows SPORTERA to reach out to individuals who have previously demonstrated commitment and enthusiasm. By recognizing and appreciating their past contributions, SPORTERA can effectively convey the value of their continued involvement, fostering a sense of community and commitment among volunteers:

“Rosterfy is our best tool for volunteer recruitment and retention. If they volunteered last year and I want them to come back, I can just use a quick filter to reach out to all the attendees from 2023 and send an email to get them to come back in 2024. I’m always using Rosterfy’s platform to recruit and retain volunteers.” -Quentin Poilblanc, Sport Sponsorship & Partnership Manager, SPORTERA


User-Friendly Interface

Quentin also praises Rosterfy for its user-friendly interface, simplifying the management of events worldwide:

“Volunteers always react so well to Rosterfy. It’s a great platform for volunteers of all ages and experiences. It’s really user-friendly.” -Quentin Poilblanc, Sport Sponsorship & Partnership Manager, SPORTERA

The user-friendly nature of Rosterfy ensures that volunteers, regardless of age or prior experience, can seamlessly navigate and engage with opportunities. This ease of use is particularly vital for an organization like SPORTERA, where volunteers span different generations and backgrounds.



For SPORTERA and the MUDGIRL races, Rosterfy has become an indispensable tool for managing volunteers and ensuring the success of international events.

“If you’re a company that has events and volunteer support, Rosterfy is a great platform to use. It makes my life so much easier.” -Quentin Poilblanc, Sport Sponsorship & Partnership Manager, SPORTERA

In the dynamic world of event management, Rosterfy has proven to be a valuable ally, supporting the mission of MUDGIRL and contributing to the positive impact SPORTERA aims to achieve in the world of sports and beyond.


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