50+ volunteer group name ideas for your next project

Rosterfy have pulled together 50+ original volunteer program names that will engage your volunteers and make them feel like part of an awesome team!

Volunteers are essential to the longevity of your event, team or non-profit organization. Volunteers help with fundraising, delivering the program, administration and community engagement. Without them, most non-profit organizations simply wouldn't be able to survive.

When you’re recruiting a volunteer army, have you considered choosing a creative volunteer group name that reflects your organization's mission? Instead of just being known as tin-rattlers, why not come up with a catchy name such as ‘The Positivity Squad’ or ‘The Kindness Krew’. Giving your volunteer group a moniker they identify with can create a sense of unity among volunteers, and inject a bit of fun along the way. You could use this name for T-shirts, social events, stickers, social media posts or communications groups!. 

Group names have even become a trend in the Olympics, where teams of thousands of volunteers are recruited for each Olympic Games. The nickname trend began at the 2012 London Olympics, where volunteers were known as ‘Games Makers’. Volunteers at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics were known as the ‘Passion Crew’ and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics named their crew the ‘Field Cast’ and the ‘City Cast’. 

In the case of the Olympic volunteers, these team names also help boost recognition during and after the games, creating a lasting legacy long after the games have wrapped up.

Download a list of Rosterfy's favourite volunteer group names to help you get started!


Creative Names for Volunteer Programs

So if you’re feeling the pressure of coming up with cool and creative volunteer group names for your volunteer program, we’re here to help.

Take a read through this list of 50+ original volunteer program names that will engage your volunteers and make them feel like part of an awesome team! We’ve broken them up into categories: community volunteer group names, sporting events, outdoor and environmental, animal projects, children's programs and seasonal projects.


Volunteer community group names

Engaging your volunteers is a great way to get them to commit to your organization. So if you’re looking for creative or inspiring volunteer group names for charity projects, community service initiatives or general team names, start with these versatile volunteer group names:

1. Giving Groupies

2. Collection Taskforce

3. Helping hands

4. Bread and Bounty

5. The Full Tummies Project

6. Change Agents

7. Two’s Company

8. Friends of the Community

9. Kindness Krew

10. The Season of Giving Project

11. The Positivity Squad

12. VIVs (Very Important Volunteers)

13. Trojan Horses

14. Grass and Roots

15. Rescue Team

16. Do-Gooders

17. Social Battalion


Volunteer sporting events

Sports events such as fun runs and bike rides need a lot of high energy volunteers to cheer on the sports team participants. Giving your volunteers a catchy team name is the first step towards creating lively and supportive energy on the day.

18. Field Squad

19. City Squad

20. Games Makers

21. Spirit of XX

22. Backpack heroes

23. Gamechangers

24. Muddy Crew

25. Magic Makers


Outdoor and environmental volunteer projects

Consider choosing a name that really speaks to the project's mission, whether it be relating to cleaning beaches, planting trees or working on wildlife conservation projects. Here are a few catchy program names for your outdoor volunteer program: 

26. Trash taskforce

27. Eco Warriors

28. The Pavement Project

29. Spring into Action

30. NGO Camp

31. Awesome Activists

32. Conversation Station


Animal volunteer projects

Give your crew of passionate animal lovers a fuzzy volunteer team name that inspires them to get involved in community service activities that help protect vulnerable animals.

33. Happy Tails

34. Animal Friends

35. Pawsome

36. Furry Friends

37. Shaking Paws

38. Furever Friends


School volunteer group names 

Whether you’re running a school volunteer group, library reading group, school clubs or a children's summer camp, picking a catchy program name will keep volunteers, and the school students, engaged. 

39. The Little Library

40. Big Brother and Big Sisters

41. The Superheroes

42. Superkids

43. Youth Work Force

44. Learning League

Read more about the Starlight Children’s program case study.


Seasonal volunteer projects

Many organizations organize one-off special events, fundraising drives or charity initiatives around special holidays and seasonal events, as opposed to year-round projects. If you’re looking for seasonal volunteer program name ideas, take a look at these fun names:

45. Summer of Givin’

46. March for a Cause

47. New Year’s Resolution Crew

48. The Season of Giving Project

49. Santa’s Little Helpers

50. Voltober

51. Spring Forward

52. April Angels

53. Winter Warmers

54. Camp Crew


How do you structure a volunteer program?

Hopefully these creative suggestions help with your volunteer recruitment and engagement efforts. Once you’ve picked a catchy team name, you can continue to focus on organizing your volunteer program.

We know that volunteers are invaluable to an organization, and we know it’s important to make them feel engaged and part of the team. However, with the limited time and resources that most non-profits face, volunteer management is often not a focus. But by putting in a bit of effort to structure a volunteer program, you’ll reap the rewards.

The 3 R's of a successful volunteer program are focused on three main areas: 

  • Recruitment
  • Retention 
  • Recognition 

Getting these three things right will go a long way to ensuring your volunteer program is sustainable and successful. 

To learn more, read our Ultimate Non Profit Volunteer Management Guide.

Alternatively, check out these other great resources.

Download a list of Rosterfy's favourite volunteer group names to help you get started!


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