How video interviews are creating a unique and fair volunteer recruitment experience

Video interviewing candidates for volunteering positions is becoming increasingly more popular as program coordinators try to maximise their productivity

In this article we look at the ways video recruitment is helping organisations to create a fair, scalable and more enjoyable volunteer experience.
We will also share some insight from leading video recruitment platform providers CleverConnect as they share their top 3 reasons to add video to your recruitment process.
Video interviews are becoming a common mainstay in recruitment for businesses and forward thinking volunteer programs. For those looking for a way to reduce the number of hours spent screening candidates it’s seen as a cost effective way to maximise the productivity of your team.

CleverConnect are helping organisations to focus on the candidate experience

Creating a consistent and engaging experience during the application process for volunteering programs is a good way to ensure you’re able to get the most out of your recruitment efforts.
CleverConnect has helped over 2,5000 organisations connect with over 10 million candidates worldwide and their scalable solution has helped them become the video application software provider to internationally recognised organsations such as HSBC, UEFA, DHL and BMW.

Their primary focus is creating a better experience for candidates by filling the gaps found in most applications processes.
“Candidates have so much choice when it comes to offering their time, they can afford to be picky about the opportunities they apply for so your messaging and the overall experience you offer has to stand out” - Mark Dannell, Senior Sales Executive at CleverConnect

Organisations are looking for flexibility in their platform providers

CleverConnect have seen a common theme from their customers. When they are researching platform providers, the ability of that provider to find a solution that’s flexible enough to meet the unique needs of their program is what counts.

There are often multiple different roles that a candidate can apply for and each role may require a different set of skills or screening requirements. Using a video interviewing platform enables you to prepare specific questions to ask on that role and potentially different communications sent to both the candidate and administration team.

By tailoring the application process for candidates based on the role they are applying for you can ensure your screening process helps you find viable candidates efficiently.

Create a fair and compliant volunteer recruitment process with the Rosterfy and CleverConnect integration

Introducing video recruitment to your volunteer program is easier than ever thanks to the CleverConnect and Rosterfy integration.
Start by creating a standard questionnaire where the applicant is expected to answer questions and record their answers on video.
Examples of qualifying questions you can ask:
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Skills and qualifications
  • Motivations for volunteering
  • Availability or preferred shifts
  • Role play for common situations

It's important to standardise these questions and make sure your whole team ask the same set of questions for a fair and consistent experience. 

One significant advantage of utilising video interviewing is the efficiency gained by eliminating the need to schedule interviews with candidates.

“The ROI for programs that use this technology is amazing. If you take an example where you have thousands of volunteers applying for a large program I always ask the customer how many people will you need to manage those applications, how many hours will that take? ”
- Mark Dannell, CleverConnect

Even when interviews are conducted online, there is no guarantee that candidates will show up, leading to wasted time that could have been allocated to other applicants. Time is a precious commodity, and hours spent rescheduling interviews or waiting for candidates could be better utilised in enhancing the impact of your volunteer program.


How does the integration between CleverConnect and Rosterfy work?

The integration between Rosterfy and CleverConnect means when the applicant is finished the recording is linked to their volunteer profile and the volunteer manager is notified when it is complete.

To activate this integration simply speak to your Rosterfy Customer Success manager. For more on Rosterfy integrations click here.


How much time is unnecessarily spent screening candidates?

Mark insists well known charities or large events can receive hundreds or perhaps even thousands of applications each week or on the run up to an event and it’s not sustainable or viable for their admin teams to process all of those applications.

To correctly screen and gather the information from each candidate could take around 30 mins to as much as an hour for each candidate and that’s presuming you manage to respond to each application.


How standardising your application process creates fair and compliant program

Although information and data handling regulations vary depending on the country your program is based in, one common trend is these rules are becoming more strict and regulated. 

In Germany for example there’s a particular focus on making sure the recruitment process is standardised so no applicant is disadvantaged during the interview process. By creating a repeatable recruitment process where each applicant answers a fixed set of questions over video, CleverConnect is helping organisations meet even the most strict compliance requirements.

Three reasons to introduce video recruitment to your volunteer program

  1. Volunteer Experience - By using a platform such as CleverConnect you can brand the whole experience which helps increase the feeling of a trustworthy and secure application process. Encourage more applicants by allowing volunteers to apply via their mobile at a time that suits them.

  2. Improved operational efficiency - Managing large volumes of volunteers for your opportunities whilst meeting screening and compliance standards is challenging. To ensure every application is processed you may have to compromise the volunteer experience. Video screening helps you ensure every applicant is given a fair chance and your team can streamline the data capture process.

  3. Meet compliance standards - Providing a scalable and consistent experience is the key to meeting compliance standards. Even if the regulations for your event or opportunities are relatively lightweight, the trend towards a more structured application screening process, coupled with the need for improved reporting to stakeholders means forward thinking organisations who introduce video screening will future proof their program.

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