Case Study: How Rosterfy helped Expo 2023 Doha to scale up their volunteer program

Prepare for the influx of applications you'll get for your major event by screening and training each candidate through your volunteer platform.

When applications are open for volunteering positions before your major event are you confident your volunteer platform and supporting team can cope with the influx of inbound requests?


The International Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha Qatar made an impactful choice by selecting Rosterfy as their trusted volunteer platform.

This decision was not solely based on the platform's impressive feature set that caters to their program needs, but also on the reassurance provided by a provider that has successfully facilitated major events such as the Super Bowl, The Special Olympics World Games and other global sporting events.

In this case study we share insight on how Rosterfy was used to create a framework around a volunteer program that would see over 2,000 volunteers create a truly remarkable experience for those visiting Doha. 

Workforce and Volunteer Management Systems expert Manar Adel shares what she believes are the key factors to consider to deliver a world class volunteer experience at scale.



What is Expo 2023 Doha?

Expo 2023 Doha Qatar is an extraordinary gathering that showcases innovation, sustainability, culture, and entertainment. Building upon the tremendous success of the World Cup Soccer event held in the same year, this remarkable event will span from October to March 2024, drawing in a staggering 3 million visitors.

Encompassing a vast area of 1.7 million square meters and featuring multiple event zones, this grand occasion will rely on the dedication and hard work of over 2,000 volunteers to make it an unforgettable experience.

“A Green Desert, A Better Environment” is the theme and as world leaders make bold statements at COP24 with their ambitions of making a more sustainable environment and better future, this expo in Doha was bound to garner extra attention.

Expo 2023, set to run for an astonishing 179 days, promises to be one of the most significant international events of the year. With its sights set on attracting an impressive 3 million visitors, Qatar is brimming with national pride and an unwavering eagerness to showcase its limitless offerings to the world.



Scaling up your operation before your first volunteer applies

To bring an event as grand as Expo 2023 Doha to life, a dedicated team of experienced individuals is essential. But it doesn't stop there. The success of such an event also relies on the contributions of numerous passionate volunteers who have united from all corners of the world. 

We had the opportunity to speak with Manar Adel, an expert in Workforce Management Systems who played a crucial role in developing and implementing the systems and processes necessary to ensure an engaging and fulfilling volunteer experience that will leave a lasting legacy for the city of Doha.

50,000 applications in 3 days

This statistic perfectly illustrates the overwhelming enthusiasm of the global volunteer community for Expo 2023 Doha. 

To effectively handle the influx of applications, it is crucial to have a dependable platform, well-defined steps as well as a robust support framework in place. In total, the event required over 2,000 volunteers, each expected to complete specific forms and provide necessary information based on their desired roles.

Manar Adel, Workforce Management Systems Manager

“In an impressively short time frame, I spearheaded the successful launch of the management system for the volunteer programme, achieving a remarkable 50,000 registrations within just three days.”

-Manar Adel, Workforce Management Systems Manager, Expo 2023 Doha

Why Automations in your Volunteer Management are vital for large scale events

Implementing automation in your volunteer program is essential for efficiently managing the administrative tasks associated with collecting information and communicating with a large number of volunteers.

With Rosterfy, you can establish specific criteria and automate various tasks based on the processes implemented by Manar and her team. This relieves the pressure on the team, allowing them to focus more effectively on the event itself, resulting in a more engaging experience for volunteers.

Managing a diverse group of volunteers can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to accommodating the needs of international volunteers who apply for major events. One particular challenge is ensuring effective communication and providing opportunities in multiple languages.

“Using Rosterfy as our chosen management system played a vital role in the preparation of the program. Their user-friendly interface, which I was already familiar with through other major events in Qatar, made the whole process easily understood for both the management team and volunteers.”

-Manar Adel, Workforce Management Systems Manager, Expo 2023 Doha

Luckily, Rosterfy's Volunteer Portal has the solution with its availability in 11 different languages. This feature makes it easier than ever to connect with volunteers from around the world and create a truly inclusive and diverse volunteer program.


Different role requirements will require different volunteer journeys

Ensuring that volunteers are guided through the application process and onboarded effectively is crucial to guarantee that all stages of the application are completed and that any required training is provided. This not only helps streamline the volunteer experience but also ensures that they are fully prepared to fulfill their roles and make a positive impact in their communities.

Managing a diverse group of volunteers can be a complex task, especially when they are assigned to different roles and locations. This challenge becomes even more crucial when considering the Expo 2023 Doha event, where volunteers were needed in multiple locations such as the 'International Zone and Cultural Zone'. Scaling these actions and ensuring efficient management is essential for the success of any volunteer program.

Rosterfy's innovative step-by-step recruitment journeys streamline what could be a daunting process on any other platform. With our automated system, you can craft one-of-a-kind experiences tailored to each volunteer's preferences.

Manar and the dedicated team at Expo 2023 Doha had full confidence in their volunteers. Not only did these amazing individuals successfully complete the necessary training and onboarding procedures, but their valuable information was also securely recorded, stored, and easily accessible for reporting purposes.


How Expo 2023 Doha's Pioneer Program empowers experienced volunteers and improved engagement

The Volunteer Program team at Expo 2023 Doha introduced what they called their “Pioneer Program” to help them isolate their most experienced volunteers and gain the most value from their skills.

Using Rosterfy they were able to group certain volunteers with particular skills or experience and communicate to them separately. If they needed to deliver particular messages to the wider team they could communicate directly with the “Pioneer Program” volunteers first to help spread that message.

“With Rosterfy I have the ability to tailor the whole program to our specific needs. From the overall structure of the program to the individual communication to the volunteers. This level of control empowers me to individually create and manage various aspects of the volunteer program, I find I’m relying less on external support - I’m totally self-sufficient.”

-Manar Adel, Workforce Management Systems Manager, Expo 2023 Doha

This group was also tasked with the responsibility of interviewing volunteer applicants, so by grouping them instructions for interviewing processes could be easily distributed.


Rosterfy empowers System Managers to create processes that help meet the objectives of the volunteer program

The primary goal of a volunteer program's system manager is to transform the operational plan into a practical and efficient system. However, their utmost priority in every decision they make is to enhance the overall volunteer experience.

“If I look back at the World Cup, by the end of the event I was so proud of what we had achieved. The volunteers were having such a great experience. I remember on the day of the opening ceremony I was opening Rosterfy and I was desperate to see just how many volunteers we had that day.”

-Manar Adel, Workforce Management Systems Manager, Expo 2023 Doha

While the numbers are fewer for Expo 2023 Doha, there’s no sense from Manar and her team that they are any less proud of what they’ve accomplished. 


World-Class events need World-Class support from their software providers - that's the Rosterfy difference maker

To effectively carry out her duties, support was crucial. The support received from Rosterfy included solving challenges beyond just admin support - our team helped Expo 2023 Doha create innovative solutions to continue to improve their program, saving them more time and introducing efficiencies throughout the event’s duration.

On the subject of how her team was supported by Rosterfy Manar says, "Miled, our Rosterfy, Senior Support & Implementation Manager, consistently demonstrated a proactive approach, always exploring ways to achieve our needs, even if it involves extra effort".

Collegues working together in an office

Key factors to consider for a successful major event volunteer program, as recommended by Manar Adel:

- Take advantage of automation: Implementing automation in your volunteer program is crucial for efficiently managing administrative tasks and communicating with a large number of volunteers. With Rosterfy, you can establish specific criteria and automate various tasks, allowing your team to focus more effectively on the event itself and providing a more engaging experience for volunteers.

- Cater to international volunteers: Managing a diverse group of volunteers, especially international ones, can be a challenge. It's important to ensure effective communication and provide opportunities in multiple languages. Fortunately, Rosterfy's Volunteer Portal offers availability in 11 different languages, making it easier than ever to connect with volunteers from around the world and create a truly inclusive and diverse volunteer program.

- Utilise a user-friendly management system: Choosing the right management system is vital for the success of your volunteer program. Rosterfy's user-friendly interface, which Manar was already familiar with through other major events in Qatar, made the whole process easily understood for both the management team and volunteers. This familiarity and ease of use can streamline operations and ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved.

By considering these factors, you can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your major event volunteer program, ensuring a successful and fulfilling experience for both volunteers and organizers.

For more on Expo 2023 Doha visit their website.



What you should measure from your Volunteer Program

Proving the impact of your volunteer program is incredibly important, but what should you be measuring?


How Rosterfy has redefined the Volunteer Recruitment Process

When you open your major event to volunteer applications you'll likely receive a rush of interest. Finding the right people and guiding them through the recruitment process can be challenging but Rosterfy simplifies that with our Automated Journeys.

  • Create unique journeys for each role
  • Automate communication to both the volunteer and coordinators 
  • Ensure compliance and training is completed before successful applications 

Countless Volunteer Management Software solutions allow organisations to create a database of dependable individuals who can support their cause. However, Rosterfy stands out by revolutionising how organizations can effortlessly provide a seamless, polished, and consistent experience time after time.  



For more on how Rosterfy can help you streamline your volunteer recruitment for major events click here.



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