4 lessons from Rosterfy Live on how to engage with Gen-Z volunteers

Volunteering Programs, charities, and non profit organisations are recognising the importance of harnessing Gen-Z’s these are the key takeaways from our latest event.

Volunteering programs, charities, and non-profit organisations are increasingly acknowledging the significance of tapping into Gen-Z's enthusiasm and recognising the pivotal role it will play in shaping the future of their initiatives. With one generation transitioning out of volunteering, the next wave is emerging with a strong drive to create positive impact.

Here are four lessons from Rosterfy Live on how to engage with Gen-Z volunteers. 

We invited speaking guests from leading volunteering programs and fundraising platforms to speak on how they engage with Gen-Z volunteers. Their insights can help you create a more effective recruitment process for this target audience.

People born in the mid-1990’s and early 2010’s are commonly referred to as Gen-Z. This group of people are known for their passion for climate change, societal justice, environmental sustainability, career opportunities, the state of the economy and what might surprise a lot of people - their involvement in community focused initiatives.

Volunteering Programs, charities, and non profit organisations are recognising the importance of harnessing Gen-Z’s passion and the role it will play in the future of their program. As one generation ages out of volunteering the next is coming through and it’s highly motivated to make a difference.

When British Heart Foundation surveyed their volunteering program they found that over half of all new recruits in their charity retail stores were from Gen-Z. This is a growing and highly motivated new audience of people to promote your volunteering program towards.


four key issues for Genz


What does Gen-Z expect from your volunteering program?

While their passion drives them to create positive change in the world, Gen-Z volunteers also expect accessibility to opportunities, flexible shift options, and effective communication strategies.

Getting your messaging right for Gen-Z is critical for success.


  • Do express how their career prospects could benefit from volunteering
  • Do show your desire to make a difference to communities
  • Do explain there could be flexibility in the hours or shifts on offer

  • Don’t try a one-size fits all approach to communication and marketing of your program
  • Don’t expect Gen-Z to use outdated systems when booking onto shifts
  • Don’t ignore their needs for volunteering to fit around their schedule

Harnessing their energy and enthusiasm can bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to longstanding societal issues. Additionally, involving Gen Z volunteers fosters intergenerational connections and promotes knowledge sharing between different age groups, enhancing the overall effectiveness and sustainability of volunteer efforts. 

Furthermore, engaging Gen Z volunteers can help organizations stay relevant and adapt to evolving trends in technology and communication, as this generation is inherently digital-native and adept at utilising online platforms for advocacy and activism. 

Overall, recruiting Gen Z volunteers not only enriches volunteer programs but also empowers young people to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world at large.


4 key takeaways from Rosterfy Live on how to engage with Gen-Z volunteers

We’ve taken the 4 key takeaways from the guest speakers at Rosterfy Live and shared them with you. These are actionable and proven learning around Gen-Z and by understanding them better you’ll be able to improve your engagement and recruitment capabilities.


1. Volunteering helps young people build confidence

London Youth Games, a charitable organization harnessing the power of sports to create opportunities for young individuals in London, was represented by Ellie Reid, the Youth & Workforce Development Manager, and Sophie Ganne, the Workforce Lead. They recognise the significant impact Gen-Z has on volunteering initiatives and shared insights on how to redefine the volunteering experience for young participants.

Volunteering holds the power to cultivate confidence in young individuals, shaping a profound influence on their future endeavors. Gen-Z recognises this impact, and by framing your volunteering program as a pathway to enhancing essential skills and communication abilities, you can effectively boost engagement among this demographic.

“Volunteering at LYG makes me feel confident as I feel like I’m doing the right thing” - LYG Volunteer 17 years old.


2. Showcasing values is important for Gen-Z volunteers

GivenGain is a fundraising platform trusted by many of the leading charities such as Cancer Research UK, WWF, Alzheimer’s Research UK and more. 

They understand how to encourage involvement from Gen-Z and Will Irwin who presented at Rosterfy Live explained, 27% of Gen-Z said the ability to showcase their values is a motivator to give compared to 14% for all other age groups.

This indicated that being able to easily share their donation and volunteering habits can make a huge difference to engagement levels in your volunteering program.


3. Accommodating Neuro diversity will improve recruitment

It’s well documented that Gen-Z cares a great deal about mental health and diversity. Inclusivity is already a key aspect of recruitment processes across all industries but how big a role is it playing in your volunteering program?

Georgina Shute from KindTwo highlights the importance of embracing neurodiversity to enhance your recruitment efforts. Conditions like ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism should never hinder someone from volunteering. However, it's crucial to effectively communicate how your program can cater to their specific needs in a welcoming and inclusive manner.  


4. Volunteering is a gateway to careers

Gen-Z volunteers care greatly about their future employment prospects and they are well aware of the need to find any advantage they can in a competitive job market. Volunteering can be seen as a gateway to opportunities if positioned correctly.


“Competition for roles within the charity sector is high, with entry-level roles receiving over 130 applications. The candidates shortlisted for interview are those who demonstrate through experience that they have the skills & motivation for the role. Volunteering experience always stands out, as it highlights desire for working in the sector & passion for supporting a cause.”
- Jennifer D’Souza, Charity People


By highlighting how your volunteer program can open doors to new and exciting opportunities you can greatly increase your success rate in recruiting Gen-Z volunteers.




In conclusion...

In summary, Volunteering Programs are excelling in showcasing their missions and events. To enhance the efficacy of their recruitment strategies, the key lies in crafting messages that resonate with Gen-Z volunteers.


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