From Volunteer to Donor: How to encourage increased fundraising from your volunteers

Volunteering is often the first step many individuals take on their path of giving back to society. It's a beautiful way to contribute time, skills, and passion to causes that matter.

Embarking on a journey of volunteering is often the initial stride individuals take towards making a meaningful impact on society. It is a heartfelt way to dedicate time, talents, and enthusiasm to causes that resonate deeply. However, what many people may not realise is that the journey of volunteering can naturally evolve into becoming a donor to the same cause.

85% of volunteers donate both their time and money to a cause so it makes sense that your next donor is probably volunteering for your cause.

7 ways to encourage increased fundraising by turning volunteers into donors

In this article, we'll explore how an engaged and happy volunteer can seamlessly transition into a generous donor for a charity.

1. Emotional Connection

Volunteering fosters a deep emotional connection to the cause one is supporting. Whether it's working with children, aiding the homeless, protecting the environment, or supporting a local charity retail store, the hands-on experience allows volunteers to witness firsthand the impact of their efforts.

This emotional connection often sparks a desire to do more, to make a lasting difference beyond the hours spent volunteering.

2. Understanding the Need

Through volunteering, individuals gain a profound understanding of the challenges faced by the organisation and those it serves.

They see the gaps in resources, the areas where additional support is needed, and the tangible ways in which donations can make a difference. This insight into the inner workings of the charity can inspire volunteers to extend their support in the form of financial contributions.

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3. Building Trust and Relationships

Volunteers become integral members of the charity's community. They work alongside staff, fellow volunteers, and those benefiting from the organization's services.

These relationships build trust and a sense of belonging. As volunteers invest their time and energy, they develop a strong affinity for the charity and its mission, laying the foundation for future support.


4. Recognition of Impact

Charities often recognise and appreciate the dedication of their volunteers. Whether through acknowledgment events, volunteer appreciation programs, or simply heartfelt gratitude, volunteers are made to feel valued for their contributions.

This recognition reinforces the significance of their involvement and encourages further engagement, including financial support.



How to turn more volunteers into donors

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5. Transitioning into a Donor

As volunteers become more deeply involved and committed to the cause, many naturally consider additional ways to support the organisation.

For some, this may involve making a financial contribution to complement their ongoing volunteer efforts. Knowing the impact their time has made, volunteers are often eager to extend their support in whatever capacity they can, including becoming donors.

Using your regular volunteer communications to make it clear how you can collect donations from volunteers will encourage this behaviour. If your volunteer management software platform allows you to utilise automated communication this can be even more effective and time efficient.

6. Creating Lasting Impact

The transition from volunteer to donor signifies a deeper level of commitment to the charity's mission.

By providing financial support, former volunteers help ensure the sustainability and growth of the organisation. Their donations enable the charity to expand its programs, reach more people in need, and effect lasting change within the community.

7. Encouraging Others to Give

Former volunteers turned donors can also serve as powerful advocates for the charity.

Their firsthand experiences and genuine passion for the cause make them compelling ambassadors. By sharing their journey from volunteering to donating, they inspire others to get involved and support the organisation in whatever way they can.

How are you segmenting your marketing distribution lists? Can you cross reference your donation request database with that of your volunteering or former volunteering lists?

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The journey from volunteer to donor is a natural progression fuelled by passion, empathy, and a desire to make a difference. Engaged and happy volunteers often find themselves drawn to further support the causes they care about through financial contributions.

By recognising and nurturing this evolution, charities can cultivate a community of dedicated supporters who are committed to creating positive change in the world.


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