Case Study: How The Common Good uses Rosterfy to mobilise over 1,700 volunteers and corporate supporters

Find out how The Common Good are able to onboard, train and allocate various different roles and responsibilities to over 2000 volunteers with Rosterfy

The Common Good (an initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation) is a charity based in Australia that raises funds to support vital medical research and patient focused projects at The Prince Charles Hospital. Their passionate fundraisers and dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to raise thousands of dollars that contribute to life-saving research projects.

The highlight of their annual fundraising efforts is the highly anticipated EKKA event, which draws in nearly 400,000 individuals, effectively bringing Brisbane to a halt for a remarkable celebration of community, rural life, and engaging family activities. To make this spectacular event a success, The Common Good assembles a dedicated team of approximately 1,700 enthusiastic volunteers, relying on the innovative platform, Rosterfy, to efficiently coordinate their efforts.

Who are The Common Good and what’s the goal of their volunteer program?

The Common Good has a mission and it’s to enable people to live healthier for longer.

Their fundraising efforts are dedicated to supporting sustainable research, with a primary focus on making breakthroughs in the fields of heart disease, lung disease, ageing and mental health.

Their hospital volunteer program helps visitors with way-finding and assistance in two hospitals in Brisbane. These volunteers are committed to helping people on an ongoing basis, mostly weekly shifts based solely in the hospitals and wards.

Their event based volunteering happens across a number of small events throughout the year, with one single very large event being the centre piece to their volunteering activities, this event is called Ekka

The Ekka event has a long and storied history, dating back over 140 years to the first intercolonial exhibition, known as the Royal Queensland Show. This beloved event continues to be a cherished celebration of countryside life, capturing the hearts of locals throughout the years. Affectionately known as 'Ekka' in the Queensland vernacular, the event holds a special place in the community, symbolizing the spirit of the region and its deep connection to rural traditions.

Close to 400,000 people attend the event which takes place in Brisbane and effectively shuts the city down, while it’s on over the county wide holiday. 

Ekka requires The Common Good to mobilise a team of nearly 2,000 volunteers and also manage the application process for many more than that, interested in attending and supporting the event. 

Thanks to the dedication and support of these volunteers, The Common Good is able to offer a sought-after treat at the event - a delectable ice cream that can only be found at Ekka. This exclusive dessert generates substantial funds for their crucial research projects, making a significant impact in the process.


Recruitment isn’t the challenge. Communication is the issue.

Unlike most charities and nonprofit organisations volunteer programs, where the biggest challenge they face is recruiting volunteers and doing what they can to retain their services, The Common Good’s biggest challenge is the admin involved in organising the volunteers onboarding and scheduling.

Volunteering at the Ekka event is an incredible experience that volunteers with The Common Good eagerly sign up for. With just a 4-hour shift, they not only get the opportunity to be a part of the community but also receive a free ticket to the event valued at AUD $40. It's a chance to have a fun-filled day and truly immerse themselves in the festivities. Chloe and her team have no trouble attracting volunteers for this amazing opportunity.

The challenge for The Common Good is managing 2,000 volunteers, across 9 days of activities, ensuring they arrive on time at 5 different shop locations at the event, with two different roles available.

To ensure they are insured for the event they need to make sure the volunteers are fully trained and they need to document their progress for their screening, onboarding and training.

Why does The Common Good use Rosterfy?

Providing a professional, slick and smooth experience for a volunteer is really important for Chloe and her team. Whether they are registering their interest for the first time or they have volunteered many times before, it’s important to provide a consistent, repeatable and clear path towards volunteering.

Even though The Common Good provides various communication avenues through their Rosterfy volunteer portal, FAQ documents, and email updates, there will always be individuals who prefer direct communication, which can be time-consuming. However, automating as much of the process as possible, creating customised communication and instructions based on each volunteer's role, and documenting their onboarding and training progress can save countless hours and provide peace of mind for the team, ensuring all crucial information is covered.


“a corporate relationship is exactly that, a relationship. It's about providing mutual value and those relationships really need to be nurtured"
Chloe Nguyen, General Manager Marketing and Memberships, The Common Good


How Rosterfy helps you tell your impact story

Being able to report on the total number of hours volunteered, the donations raised and the impact that has on research potential, allows non profits like The Common Good to thank their volunteers and corporate partners and say “you didn’t just support us on the day but because of your efforts you’ve contributed towards 4,000 hours of additional research for example, isn’t that incredible?” states Chloe.


How they build relationships with corporate volunteering partners

The Common Good excels at cultivating strong relationships with their corporate partners by effectively engaging them in their cause. With approximately 30% of their volunteers coming from corporate partnerships, they recognise the significance of nurturing these connections.

When charities and non profits organisations struggle with getting corporate volunteers to attend or commit to programs, Chloe Nguyen, General Manager Marketing and Memberships, The Common Good, suggests that it could be down to a lack of communication on the NFPs side. “If organisations don’t share their ‘why’ with their corporate volunteering partners, the corporate partner may not realise why their involvement is so critical and the impacts that their absence makes. At The Common Good we try to make sure everybody feels connected, committed and invested into the cause, that way everyone is receiving value”.

Chloe goes on to say “a corporate relationship is exactly that, a relationship. It's about providing mutual value and those relationships really need to be nurtured.

The Common Good believes one of the reasons they are so successful when it comes to building corporate partnerships is their ability to ensure all parties feel well served. They try to offer them a first class volunteering experience.

Chloe also believes that if you are able to provide a great experience for the volunteer in a corporate volunteering capacity, it can open the door to invite them to other opportunities to support the efforts of the charity or even make a donation.

For more on The Common Good visit their website.



How to create a successful and sustainable corporate volunteer program

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How Rosterfy has redefined the Volunteer Experience

In order to thrive and maintain a successful volunteer program, organizations are recognizing the need to embrace modernization and adapt to the evolving landscape. They are faced with the challenge of capturing the attention of potential volunteers amidst various competing factors: 

  • Economic pressure requiring people to opt for paid work
  • Other causes and volunteer programs
  • Rising standards and expectations in volunteer experiences

Countless Volunteer Management Software solutions allow organisations to create a database of dependable individuals who can support their cause. However, Rosterfy stands out by revolutionising how organizations can effortlessly provide a seamless, polished, and consistent experience time after time.  



Ensuring a smooth onboarding process while maintaining program compliance is crucial.

To maintain compliance and insurance standards, The Common Good is responsible for ensuring that every volunteer completes their onboarding and training stages, with a detailed record kept for each individual.

StepbyStep With the help of Rosterfy, organisations can effortlessly navigate volunteers through their recruitment journey, step=by-step, offering a seamless and automated process. This innovative platform keeps both the volunteers and the management team informed about each volunteer's progress in their onboarding process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Rosterfy's flexibility allows organisations to customise the platform to meet their specific needs. With the ability to effortlessly generate reports and ensure compliance, Rosterfy assists organisations in sharing vital information across their entire network.

For more on how to create a sustainable and robust Volunteer Recruitment Process click here.



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