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Rosterfy takes a look at the top four reasons why you should consider in investing in technology when it comes to volunteer management.

We recently finished up working with the Minnesota Super Bowl LII Host Committee for their incredible Crew 52 volunteer program - the largest volunteer program in Super Bowl history.

Volunteer statistics from the Super Bowl

Some of the impressive volunteer program statistics that came out of the event include:

  • 30,000 applications to volunteer at the Minnesota Super Bowl (recorded on Rosterfy)
  • 10,000 volunteers confirmed
  • 345,000 emails sent through Rosterfy communication platform
  • 10.000+ automated shift changes
  • 33,000 shifts
  • 90% attendance rate
  • 185,000 volunteer shift hours recorded on Rosterfy

A very busy time indeed!

How Rosterfy was used

Rosterfy was used by the host committee workforce team, led by Elle Kehoe, to efficiently manage all aspects of the Crew 52 program from start to finish. The tasks included the initial online volunteer registration, interview platform, shift scheduling, pre-event online training, automated communications, and importantly, the pre-event background checks and onsite attendance tracking of volunteers.

For events the size and scale of the Super Bowl, it has never been more important to invest in technology when it comes to safety and background checks when handling such a large-scale workforce.

Here are 4 key things we have learned:

1. Background checks

Rosterfy has an integration with Verified Volunteers, who provide volunteer screening and background checks for non-profits and events of all shapes and sizes, to help mobilize vetted volunteers. Many of our competitors in the workforce management space claim to have an integration, but really only allow you to export data and send it to Verified Volunteers. Organizers then need to manually update the results. With Rosterfy’s integration, it’s an automatic data transfer so the results will update on the volunteer profiles for you saving time and money for organizers.

2. Data security

No longer can event organizers be capturing sensitive volunteer information on unsecure platforms like Google forms and then also be storing this sensitive information on an excel spreadsheet saved to someone’s laptop. With encrypted fields text capture for sensitive information in the registration process and data stored on secure amazon servers in the US - Rosterfy ticks all of the data security boxes and requirements of events around the world.

3. Training / Online Induction

Rosterfy allows organizers to build out customized online training modules for each shift involved in your event. From greeters at airports to corporate hospitality roles, it’s important for volunteers to understand the expectations and best practices. This importantly covers organizers from an induction stand points and also saves time by moving away from manual onsite training sessions which are normally required at large scale events.

4. Event Day Check in/Check Out

In the current day landscape of events, never before has it been more important to know who is on site and where on site, at any given time. This is traditionally looked at as a typical ‘pen and paper’ job for volunteers to check in at events. With Rosterfy, organizers get live, accurate to the second information on what time volunteers have arrived and what shift they are taking part in with our ‘check in’ feature. This allows workforce managers to make changes on the run during the event as required and should any incidents arise on event day they will know where each volunteer is located. With an event like the Super Bowl who have up to 50 different check in locations on event day, you can imagine this would be a little difficult to keep track if using a manual process like ‘pen and paper’ or a spreadsheet! 

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