Case Study: Lifeline Australia

Discover how Lifeline Australia use Rosterfy to effectively run their round-the-clock services operated by volunteers. 

By using Rosterfy, Lifeline Australia managed to cut their volunteer application screening time in half and provide a world class experience for their volunteers.


The ROI of Rosterfy

Lifeline Stat #1
Since implementing Rosterfy, Lifeline can process 10 -12 volunteer applications per hour, as opposed to 3-5 volunteer applications per hour.
Lifeline Stats

 Solved biggest pain point from our previous system by providing a fit for purpose, scalable, and automated solution.

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Through using Rosterfy they have been able to cut their volunteer application admin in half, saving them hours each week.

A scalable and impactful volunteer program

Each year over 1 million Australians reach out to Lifeline.

Lifeline is a renowned national charity organisation that provides 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services to the Australian community. Lifeline operates a phone helpline and digital service through text and chat. 

Through using Rosterfy they have been able to cut their volunteer application admin in half, saving them hours each week.

Their volunteers provide one-off crisis support to those that can benefit from immediate and short term assistance to cope with crisis or distress.

Lifeline Australia

A consistent experience for a variety of roles


Volunteers help Lifeline Australia raise much needed funding to support their program.

Retail Volunteers

Lifeline's ability to generate revenue for their cause is directly linked to the efforts of volunteers who support their retail stores.

Event Support

Event 'Cheer Squads' create a wonderful and engaging experience for participants and guests.

Crisis Supporter

Volunteers provide one-off crisis support over the phone to assist people to cope with crisis or distress.

Lifeline Australia

"After one week of using Rosterfy, our Recruitment Office can process 10-12 volunteer applications per hour, as opposed to 3-5 volunteers per hour, through our previous system" 

Voula Sofiou

Volunteer Delivery Lead, Lifeline

Why Lifeline Australia picked Rosterfy 

One of Lifeline's biggest pain points from their previous system was that it was not fit for purpose, nor scalable, with a heavy manual admin over head for their Recruitment Officer. 

They also wanted to increase and improve the volunteer experience throughout their recruitment process. Rosterfy was selected due to its configurability  with complex workforce requirements built in as opposed to requiring developers to develop things from scratch.

With Rosterfy now in place, Lifeline Australia have a fit for purpose system, that is configurable to their needs, allowing them to scale for the future.

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From 'master spreadsheet' to Rosterfy

Prior to using Rosterfy, Lifeline was using spreadsheets to manage their volunteer program. Looking for efficiency and scalability, they engaged Rosterfy to help streamline operations. 

As part of the migration to Rosterfy, Lifeline undertook an extensive mapping process and identified key processes that could be automated thanks to Rosterfy, which resulted in them enjoying a 50% decrease in application administration. 

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Reducing manual admin overheads

After one week of using Rosterfy, Lifeline Australia can now process 10 -12 volunteer applications per hour, as opposed to 3-5 volunteer applications per hour, through their previous system. 

Volunteers also praised the system saying, “I found the platform to be user-friendly and easy to navigate throughout the entire application process”. 

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Ensuring compliance through screening

One of the major benefits of Rosterfy has been the ability to automate screening in the form of Working with Children Checks including checks and renewals.

Lifeline Australia implemented a reminder process through Rosterfy to ensure volunteers renewed their Working with Children Check before it expires, to avoid the volunteer being stood down because they were not compliant with government legislation.

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