Blackbaud & Rosterfy Integration

Partnered to deliver an optimised volunteer management experience

Reports Rosterfy

Effortlessly sync your data and reduce admin

Connect your volunteer data to information in your Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Platform

Sync data in Rosterfy with Blackbaud

Ensure that your data is up to date across both Blackbaud and Rosterfy without the need for manual editing or multiple accounts.

Create engaging volunteer profiles

Offer a unique experience for your volunteers empowering them to take control of their volunteer and fundraising efforts.

GDPR compliant data integration

Keep your data secure, safe and protected to ensure that you remain compliant.

Report with accuracy

Track volunteer engagement, attendance and fundraising via live dashboards within your account.


How does it work?

The Rosterfy platform is able to seamlessly synchronize your Rosterfy data with your Blackbaud account across Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT.

This allows you to utilize the Rosterfy platform as part of your wider volunteer management and fundraising solution to create a more streamlined experience for users and administrators alike.

Simply authorize Rosterfy in your Rosterfy integrations manager to update your Blackbaud account and the integration will be live - it is as simple as that.

Anytime you or your volunteers update their details in Rosterfy, it will automatically be reflected in your Blackbaud account. No maintenance or further setup required.

Two way volunteer or constituent sync

Seamlessly sync the volunteer or constituent data between Rosterfy and Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT.

Ensure your data is up to date on both your volunteer management and fundraising platforms without duplicating the admin.

Keep your data secure, safe and protected to ensure your program remains compliant.

Sync between Rasiers Edge and Rosterfy v1

Replace manual processes with automations

Rosterfy is globally recognized as the most comprehensive end to end solution for volunteer and workforce management allowing organizations to replace manual processes with automations.

On average, Rosterfy clients see a 40% reduction in the time spent managing volunteers. 

Rosterfy’s automations include:

Schedules & Rostering Automation

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