Volunteer Management Software for Universities & Colleges

  • Replace manual processes with automations
  • Make it your own with custom branding
  • Create engaging experiences for your volunteers
  • Reward and recognize your volunteers
  • Report attendance and attrition with accuracy

Rosterfy Portal

We provide volunteer management software to universities and colleges to better manage their volunteers and casual staff

Features for Universities & Colleges

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Recruit the right volunteers

Create custom registration forms that allow you to segment and select the right volunteers for shifts, daily needs or events to ensure that you get the most out of your program.

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Simplify complex scheduling

Create schedules for your event using automations to simplify your volunteer management. From recruitment, screening, training & communications, streamline your end to end management.

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Better engage and retain volunteers

Volunteers love Rosterfy’s user friendly portals, providing a central platform to apply for shifts, complete training modules and access important communications.

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Reward and recognize volunteers

Show your volunteers you care with Rosterfy’s reward and recognition functionality enabling you to give back to your volunteers in exchange for achieving certain milestones.

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A Simple and Intelligent Volunteer Management Solution for Universities & Colleges

Rosterfy’s effective scheduling tools help to replace manual processes, allowing universities and colleges to focus on what’s important - like engaging their volunteers. 

Universities and colleges use Rosterfy volunteer management solution to:

  • Schedule volunteers across various locations and events
  • Train volunteers to ensure that volunteers have the skills required to perform at their best
  • Communicate with their volunteers via automated emails and SMS
  • Manage check in and out onsite or remotely
  • Improve reporting and visibility of operations


Reward and Recognize your volunteers

Rosterfy’s unique reward and recognition functionality allows nonprofits to incentivise your volunteers with access to memorabilia, discounts and access to events once key milestones or achievements are met. Volunteers can access rewards via their centralized volunteer portal, providing a great tool to engage with your volunteers.

Reward & Recognition
Rosterfy Automations


Use automations to help you save time and money

Utilize Rosterfy's automations functionality to streamline your end to end workforce management. From sending communications including briefs and reminders through to auto filling shifts based on specific skills required and sending training links, Rosterfy is here to help save time and money.

Universities & Colleges White Paper

Discover how universities and colleges in the US are creating long term career benefits  for their students through their volunteer management programs.

Volunteer Management Case Studies - Universities & Colleges

Colorado State University


"Though we have access to other online, electronic resources, we extensively researched volunteer management systems that would specifically fit our needs in versatile and valuable ways. Rosterfy quickly rose to the top. 

It is certainly cost effective, scalable, and is not only easy to navigate administratively, but is apparently quite attractive to the Gen Z students who we work with regularly. They find it visually appealing, and enjoy the volunteer portal, where they can find all communications as well as certificates of completion, and words of gratitude before, during and after volunteering. Overall, we look forward to optimizing the Rosterfy experience, and would suggest it for other higher education institutions looking for time saving technology that is secure, innovative and effective."


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