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Freelancing in the world of events!

Meet Tom Bowkett. A specialist freelancer in volunteer and workforce management. 

Recorded in amongst the thick of UK COVID lockdowns, 2020 has presented it’s fair share of challenges for a freelancer, who specializes in events. While many would dwell on a tough year, Tom shines with optimism about the future and how important events and volunteering will be in uniting communities. 

In this episode of the podcast, we learn more about the world of freelancing in events. From major sporting events to arts and cultural festivals, Tom has experienced the full remit of events and understands just how powerful people (including volunteers) are in creating a successful end to end event. 

After a year of lockdowns and isolations, we discuss the renewed reliance on technology and how this has positively impacted workforce programs worldwide and what this means for the future of volunteering. Tom and I also discuss the importance of placing value on volunteers to ensure maximum engagement and retention. 

This episode was hosted by Rosterfy Co Founder, Shannan Gove.

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