The Engaged Volunteer Podcast

Episode #5 - Marian Casey, Deputy Commissioner of Volunteering, St John Ambulance NSW

Crafting a lasting volunteer legacy

This week we sit down with Marian Casey, Deputy Commissioner of Volunteering for St John NSW.

With a background in forensic biology and psychology, coupled with an MBA, Marian's journey has been nothing short of diverse. But her impact extends far beyond the classroom. Marian's entrepreneurial spirit led her to venture into event management and corporate team building, showcasing her versatility and leadership.

As a dedicated volunteer with St John Ambulance NSW since 2010, she has been a beacon of support and diversity, championing positive experiences for fellow volunteers. Her roles in logistics, member welfare, and event planning have left an indelible mark on the organization, earning her accolades such as the prestigious Order of St John and the National Emergency Service Medal.

Recognized as Volunteer of the Year for Central Sydney in 2022, Marian's impact resonates far and wide.

This episode was hosted by Rosterfy's Co-Founder, Shannan Gove.

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