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Meet Chris Randle! Regional Director of IRONMAN in New Zealand.

Not many event professionals can say they kick started their career at the Olympic Games but after a leap of faith and a impromptu career change, Chris did just that. Since his first role as a project manager at the London Olympic Games in 2012, Chris has gone on to experience and enjoy the ‘events buzz’ at some of the world’s premier mass participation events.

During this podcast, Chris and Shannan chat about how IRONMAN manages to engage with their volunteers year on year, including the strategies they have implemented to combat cancellations and postponements as a result of COVID-19. Chris also shares his insights into IRONMAN’s unique partnership program for volunteers, highlighting the ways in which sponsors can provide a great opportunity to enhance the volunteer experience to increase engagement, retention and overall volunteer satisfaction. 

 This episode was hosted by Rosterfy Co Founder, Shannan Gove.

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