Case Study:
The Literacy Pirates

By closely analysing every interaction a volunteer has with their program through Rosterfy, The Literacy Pirates can enhance the overall experience.

This strategic approach not only allows them to create a more engaging program but improves their conversion rate from interested to getting involved.

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A volunteer program making a huge impact on child literacy

A child on The Literacy Pirates’ after-school programme can make 5 months progress towards age related expectations in reading in a single term, building their confidence and perseverance so they can succeed at school and beyond.

The Literacy Pirates results are outstanding but they are always looking for more people to join their crew of volunteers.

Around 300 people regularly offer their time each month to help children improve the standards of their reading and writing skills. 

This London-based nonprofit harnessed the power of Rosterfy's volunteer management software, achieving their ambitions to expand volunteer involvement without the added burden of increased administrative expenses.

From automating the onboarding process to creating a more engaging experience for volunteers they are creating a truly remarkable experience.

Literacy Pirates Volunteer

An end to end volunteer program for The Literacy Pirates

Tell their story

Video content and volunteer stories helps to increase attachment to their cause.

Streamline onboarding

Volunteers have a seamless experience from their application to completing their training.

Manage Screening

The Literacy Pirates can build background checks and screening into their onboarding process.

Reward and Recognise

Unique and fun reward and recognition activities keep engagement and that 'feel-good' factor.

LP Angele

“Rosterfy allows us to deliver our training as self service modules. This suits our volunteers with busy lives as they can complete their training when it suits them, even on the bus, on the train on their phone"

Angele Tilly

Volunteer Manager, The Literacy Pirates

Ahoy! Welcome aboard with a streamlined onboarding process

The Literacy Pirates have created an engaging onboarding experience that’s completely aligned to their brand and mission. You’re greeted with a warm welcome and encouraged to complete your profile and from that moment onwards you’re part of the crew.

Each Crewmate (volunteer) is guided through online training which details the expectations of the volunteers and some advice on getting started.

Online training is easy to follow and hosted on their Rosterfy profile allowing The Literacy Pirates to track completion rates and simplifies the data capturing process as their details and training progress is all kept in one place.

Before Rosterfy, The Literacy Pirates has a three hour training and safeguarding session, they recognised this was very demanding on the lives of their volunteers.

A self service onboarding experience that fits neatly into their volunteer's busy schedule.

Literacy Pirates Onboarding

Creating a volunteer journey that suits your program

Volunteers working with children or vulnerable people require a higher level of screening and checks then most volunteer programs.

The Literacy Pirates understood they needed a system that would allow them to build a volunteer onboarding journey that matched their specific needs.

They are have certain requirements such as:

  • Gathering basic information up front
  • Displaying engaging content during the application process
  • Step by Step online training delivered seamlessly
  • Background and Screening checks
  • Visibility of completion progress for both the volunteer and admin team

Crewmates offering their support to The Literacy Pirates have to complete a background check but it was important to request this at the right time. 

The DBS or Background Check is a mandatory requirement but comes later in the application process. The Literacy Pirates has to pay for each background check so it’s important to make sure that’s spent on people who are likely to complete the process.

Not only have they improved the conversion rate of people completing the application process but they have reduced the costs for background checks.

The Literacy Pirates have created an engaging onboarding experience that’s completely aligned to their brand and mission. You’re greeted with a warm welcome and encouraged to complete your profile and from that moment onwards you’re part of the crew.

LP Volunteers large

“The interesting part is who we are, what we do and if that volunteer is a good fit for the program. We realised we could improve our conversion rate if we served that information early in the process and that’s what Rosterfy allowed us to do."

Angele Tilly

Volunteer Manager, The Literacy Pirates

Reward and Recognise Volunteers

The Literacy Pirates have a unique reward and recognition program they have been able to introduce links to their volunteer's profile on the Rosterfy platform.

Each Crewmate is rewarded with badges for completing certain milestones such as their first session, every 10 subsequent sessions and reaching the milestone of 100 sessions.

These badges are both physical and digital as their Rosterfy profile will display which milestones they have reached.

LP Award Badges
Definitive Guide to Successful Volunteer Recruitment

Successful Volunteer Recruitment: The Definitive Guide

Want to better understand how to future proof your volunteer recruitment?

Go beyond simply filling opportunities and build a robust volunteer program by engaging with the next generation of volunteers and ensuring diversity throughout your program. 

Improving applicant conversion rates

Spending time on applicants who ultimately don't contribute to their cause or who drop out before completing the application process is an inefficient use of resources that could otherwise enhance a program.

Moreover, the expense of conducting background checks on those who never transition into volunteering roles can quickly mount if the program's efficiency isn't regularly assessed.

Rosterfy has given The Literacy Pirates more visibility of their volunteer application funnel and small changes can make a big difference.

Around 30% of applications go onto volunteer which is their target in the short term but with Rosterfy they are aiming for 40% in the near future.

“The volunteers are going through the pipeline a lot more smoothly. It has also helped reduce the admin workload of the team as we implemented quite a lot of automation."

Angele Tilly

Volunteer Manager, The Literacy Pirates

The power to make changes to the platform is in their hands

One of the key reasons they picked Rosterfy as their volunteer management software provider was because of the ownership they can make of their program and processes.

Anytime they want to make a change to their forms or onboarding process they can manage this themselves.

“We are able to make small changes such as adding text, correcting a type or add sessions that we didn’t have before ourselves is hugely helpful. Previously we had to go through consultants who built our system which we were charged for each time” - Angele Tilly, Volunteer Manager.

Literacy Pirates Ship
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21 days

BHF reduced the time it takes until a volunteer can start from 42 days to 21
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50K applications

Expo 2023 Doha managed 50,000 applications in 72 hours with Rosterfy
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99% attendance

Spark achieved a 99% attendance rate for more than 4,000 shifts at The Australian Open
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50% less admin

Lifeline can process 10-12 volunteers an hour as opposed to 3-5 previously
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