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Rosterfy Mobile App - FAQ's

Below are a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Rosterfy App!

For assistance with setup and using the app, please go to Setup & User Guide 

Please note

Rosterfy is currently in its Beta stage ahead of a full launch. We're currently giving it a fine-tune to provide you with the best volunteering experience possible.


If you or your organisation would like to participate in the Rosterfy Mobile App Beta Testing please email community@rosterfy.com and cc in your Customer Success Manager. 


How do I login?

To access the Rosterfy app, you will first need to create a Rosterfy Community account.
Note - you cannot login using your existing Rosterfy login credentials. 

You can do this by;

- Entering an email to receive a verification code (If you have registered with Rosterfy previously, you should use the email you used to create this account)

Or use a social login:

- Google

- Facebook

The Rosterfy app is passwordless, meaning you don't need to remember another password.


I've registered, but I can't see any of my organisations/accounts in the App

It's possible you have registered with a different email. Your options include;

- Contact the organisation and have them update your email

- Make sure you create your Rosterfy Community account with the same email you used to  register with an organisation 


How do I delete my Rosterfy Community account?

To delete your Rosterfy Community account, click on the menu and then view account.

Note - this will remove your access to the Rosterfy app. 

This will not remove your affiliation with organisations directly. To remove yourself from an organisation, repeat the steps above by switching to the organisation view first.