Reference check Module

Available for Rapid, Core & Enterprise

The Rosterfy Reference check module allows the administrator to request information from referees for their volunteer and workforce program. This information can be collected by a series of custom questions that do not require the user to create a Rosterfy account..


Additionally you can set the label of the reference check module in terms section


Setting up the reference check module


1. Click Settings

2. Click Advanced and select Integrations

3. Find reference check and click mceclip0.png

4..Complete the information: 

Number of references required -  The total contact of referees that can be provided

Success Threshold- The number of referee response for the reference to be marked as Ready

Days until reference check expires - Automatically a reference check- referee  will be marked as Failed 

Contact method - Choose whether the referee will be automatically contacted by email or manually contacted by phone

Custom fields - Create custom fields to obtain reference information

5. Save


Choose when you collect the referee information


The reference check module can be added to any of the following forms:
User interaction - An adhoc form that can used at anytime

Event User interaction - An expression of interest in an event

Event shift User interaction - An application to a shift


Once the form is created you can add the reference check module using the Add Active Fields button.


Once added the reference module will display as below for the user to provide the referee information:


Setting up communications


You will need to create the following Email Templates to use the reference check module:
1. Request reference from referee 

2. Reference completed

3. Referee reminder


Setting up required automations


You will need to create the following Automations at minimum to use the reference check module. It is important to remember you can add additional actions as required.


1. For notifying the referee
Task: Referee created

Action: Email to referee


2. For confirming a reference is completed

Task: Background check status updated

Rule: Reference check = Ready


Action: Email

Note: If there is another admin user that needs to be notified this can be done using an email to email attribute. See article Sending an email to an external user without a Rosterfy account


3. For reminding the referee

In order to remind the referee you can set up a reminder using:

Task: Reference check - Reminder

Action 1: Email to referee

This automation will need to be re-created for each reminder that is required using the delay to define when the reminder is sent.



4. For advising an the referee response has timed out

Task: Background check status updated

Rule: Reference check = Failed


Action: Email 

Note: If there is another admin user that needs to be notified this can be done using an email to email attribute. See article Sending an email to an external user without a Rosterfy account


Viewing referee responses

Once the reference module has been completed, administratiors with the reference check integration permission will have access to view references:

Reference check module view


Admin profile view


Portal view

In order to give visibility of the reference you can create a user interaction form with reference module added. Using the form url you can add it as weblink based on a checkpoint or to a portal dashboard.


Approving or rejecting a reference

Once the reference is requested and the referee is created the admin will be able to view/assign the following statuses

Pending  - Referee created and an email was provided

Call - Referee requires to be called to provide a reference

Completed - A reference has been manually added or has been provided by referee directly

Approved - The completed reference has been successful

Unavailable - No response when contacted

Failed - Reference was not accepted or has expired


Note:- The statuses Approved and Failed will trigger an automation task while all other are internal statuses.

If there are any issues in setting up the reference check contact Rosterfy Support