Time & Attendance Tracking 

Rosterfy simplifies attendance tracking and on-location visibility of your volunteers.

Over 10 million hours of volunteering are managed
through Rosterfy each year


Track Volunteer Attendance

Track the status of your check across multiple events, venues or locations both onsite and remotely and react accordingly with the ability to reassign volunteers and staff based on attendance rates.

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Set Triggers to Send Communications

Rosterfy makes communication simple. Use our automations technology to ensure that volunteers receive confirmations, reminders, briefings and alerts via email, SMS and in-portal notifications.

From welcome emails and training reminders to shift updates and additional volunteer opportunities, Rosterfy ensures that your volunteers are always in the know.


Logging Extra Volunteering Hours Without the Extra Effort

Empower volunteers to log additional hours worked without the extra admin hours involved in updating volunteering records.

With Rosterfy candidates can use our
Activity Update feature. This is a simple way volunteers can record the start and end time of extra activity and submit it for approval from your admin team.

The correct number of hours volunteered for your whole operation is updated instantly.

That means your reports are accurate and the volunteer is sure their hard effort has been recorded.

Log Addition Hours

Manage Check-in and Check-out

Keep volunteers informed with when and where they need to be, manage their shifts and keep an eye on attendance rates - all on one platform.

Variety of Devices

Check in or out on mobile, tablets, and desktop devices.

Validate Hours

Use Geofencing to validate volunteering hours.

QR Codes

Enable QR codes to help team leaders facilitate simple check-in.


Get real-time information on volunteer attendance.

Volunteer Scheduling Software from Rosterfy helps you track attendance and simplify check-in and check-out


Hockey Australia

Catch an inside look at how The Hockeyroos and Kookaburras are utilizing Rosterfy's Attendance Tracking solution to safely coordinate their recording and reporting of players, officials, administrators and volunteers.


QR Codes Make Tracking Attendance Easy

Make check-in simple by providing your team leaders with the ability to check in volunteers via a QR code within seconds.

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Track Your Progress in Real Time

Create custom dashboards that provide oversight into the status of your roster, including the number of volunteers and/or staff who have checked in across various roles, events and/or locations.

Make changes to your roster and communicate these changes in real time to ensure that you're covered across your entire event or program.

Assign Shift Leaders

Assign workforce shift leaders within your team to allow volunteers and staff to simply check their peers in and out onsite.

Permit access to certain roles and/or events across multiple locations to empower your team to help make check-in seamless from start to finish.

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Questions About Tracking Attendance


Can you check in and out volunteers using Rosterfy?

Yes, of course you can!

Rosterfy allows for the simple check-in and out of volunteers or staff either remotely or onsite.

What devices can be used for Rosterfy's attendance tracker?

Rosterfy can be used across desktop, tablet or mobile to facilitate attendance tracking onsite or remotely. 

Does Rosterfy have a geofencing solution?

Yes. Rosterfy allows you to validate hours volunteered with accuracy using our geofencing solution. To learn more about geofencing, click here