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Reduce admin and create a seamless, engaging experience to support your volunteering program.

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How Rosterfy & Blackbaud Integrate

When you integrate Rosterfy with Blackbaud you can simplify your volunteer management by synchronizing data across both systems.

Core fields shared:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Marketing Preferences
Blackbaud and Rosterfy


Rosterfy supports webhooks for constituent add/update and delete.

When enabled this means Rosterfy will sync users with Blackbaud constituents when changes occur in Blackbaud. 

Automated Fields

Rosterfy will add 3 custom field categories that are automatically updated daily for each constituent, such as:

  • Total Volunteer Hours
  • Total Volunteer Shifts
  • Total Volunteer Events


When enabled Rosterfy has a Sky Add-in tile that is added to the constituent page.

This add-in is used to load a Rosterfy widget that displays a real-time link to a users Rosterfy profile.


Highly Configurable. Super Effective.

Make great things happen when you focus your time and efforts on supporting your cause and not the admin.

Simpilfied Scheduling

Schedule volunteer shifts and keep everyone informed where and when they are needed.

Effective Onboarding

Get all your volunteers off to a great start by automating your onboarding process.

Reliable Reporting

Reporting on Rosterfy means you'll have endless data at your fingertips.

SMS & Emails

Automations trigger follow up messages to volunteers through SMS and Email.

Check-in Check-out

Super simple check-in and check-out of volunteers reduces complexity.

Operational Visibility

No more working in the dark. Our platform gives you greater visibility of your program.

Track Attendance

What's your attendance rate and who's arrived for each shift? With Rosterfy you'll know.

Automate Tasks

Automation helps your team focus on the cause and not the admin.


Charities & Non-Profits

The size and scale of charities and non-profits range from small local operations to international organisations.

Rosterfy is a great fit for all however, larger organisations who manage volunteers over multiple locations benefit in particular.


Universities & Colleges

Universities and Colleges across the globe use Rosterfy to help them manage the volunteer programs and community projects.

Our platform cuts hours of admin through automation and is a game changer for volunteer recruitment.


Sport Federations & Teams

Rosterfy has supported the Sports Events and Team sector for a number of years. 

Our platform has proven to be a key asset for organisations such as FIFA, UEFA, Tennis Associations, The Common Wealth Games and the Super Bowl.


Cities & Local Governments

Rosterfy is an ideal solution for communities looking to provide a centralised solution for volunteer programs.

We provide Cities with the tools to leave a legacy and good-will post event.



Spend less time scheduling

Spend more time supporting your cause and less time worrying about who's turning up for the event by scheduling shifts on Rosterfy.

Our easy-to-use shift planning tools help you assign volunteers to activities and view the overall coverage of volunteers at each event.

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Do more with less

By automating more tasks through Rosterfy, you and those people supporting your cause will be able to direct their energy towards making a difference.


Create a great Volunteer Experience

Improve the effectiveness of your volunteer recruitment and engagement by creating professionally delivered communication.

Give volunteers the type of experience they will want to talk about and refer to others.

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What our customers say

“Rosterfy makes communication with volunteers easy and simple.”

"Excellent Customer Service and Easy to Learn”

“An efficient suite of tools combined with wonderful support”

Both systems are highly configurable and new functionality is being developed continuously, more fields and tokens will be added over time.