One Platform to Future Proof your End-to-end Volunteer Management

Rosterfy's volunteer management software redefines how organizations create engaging experiences for volunteers, ensure compliance, and provide insights into their program.

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The volunteer management solution used by over 3 million volunteers and staff globally


From beginning to end, a complete management solution

Rosterfy is a scalable Enterprise solution that allows you to go beyond simply improving how you store volunteer records and schedule shifts.

The future of volunteer management is about creating engaging experiences and learning from each program, with impactful insights across your entire organization.


The #1 Volunteer Management Solution

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  • Charities & Nonprofits

  • Cities & Local Government

  • Sports Federations

  • Universities & Colleges

  • Large Scale Events

Increase efficiency by 75%

 Trusted by leading charities & nonprofits

See how Lifeline Australia cut their volunteer application in half using Rosterfy.

 Powerful automations engine

Give your nonprofit the tools they need to automate 75% of all volunteer management processes, giving them the freedom to scale with impact.

Connect your CRM with Rosterfy

Create a single source of truth for your volunteers with Rosterfy integrating with your CRM to ensure consistent data across all your systems.

Report on Impact

Utilize Rosterfy to measure your impact and better understand the value of your volunteers and their contributions to your nonprofit. 

Cut screening time in half

 Trusted by leading cities

See how LA Sports & Entertainment Commission are revolutionizing their cities volunteer program to support their decade of major events.

 Data security & local hosting

Rosterfy runs on AWS cloud infrastructure, meaning you can host your data locally if you're based in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, or the United States. 

Automated journeys for multiple workflows

Give your team the tools they need to automate 75% of all volunteer management processes, giving them the freedom to scale with impact.

Onboard automatically to ensure compliance

Set up checkpoints to automatically perform background checks, validate WWCC to ensure your volunteers are compliant. 

30+ integrations and counting

 Trusted by leading sporting federations

Hear from Jack Coles at FIFA about how they are creating a global volunteer program. 

Automated journeys for multiple workflows

Give your team the tools they need to automate 75% of all volunteer management processes, giving them the freedom to scale with impact.

Open API connecting to 30+ integrations

Connect with your favorite tools including Zoom, Slack, Salesforce, PayPal, and many more. 

 World's most comprehensive mobile app

Connect your communities like never before with Rosterfy's world class mobile app designed to redefine volunteer recruitment, management, and engagement.

3 million volunteers and staff worldwide

 Trusted by leading universities & colleges

Take a look at how Deakin University are engaging with their volunteers and giving them a more personalized experience using Rosterfy. 

Automated journeys for multiple workflows

Give your team the tools they need to automate 75% of all volunteer management processes, giving them the freedom to scale with impact.

Onboard automatically to ensure compliance

Set up checkpoints to automatically perform background checks, validate WWCC to ensure your students are compliant.

 World's most comprehensive mobile app

Connect your students like never before with Rosterfy's world class mobile app designed to redefine volunteer recruitment, management, and engagement.

Available in 10+ languages

 Trusted by the largest global events worldwide

Read how Rosterfy helped deliver the "most successful volunteer program in Games history" at the Commonwealth Games. 

Available in 10+ languages

Large scale event often have diverse volunteer requirements. Rosterfy makes your program accessible no matter where you are in the world.

Powers the biggest workforce program worldwide

From the Super Bowl, SXSW, Commonwealth Games, and many more, Rosterfy is the preferred choice for mass workforce programs worldwide. 

Automated journeys for multiple workflows

Give your team the tools they need to automate 75% of all volunteer management processes, giving them the freedom to scale with impact.

What does Rosterfy do?

Rosterfy automates 75% of the end-to-end journey for
workforce and volunteer programs


Highly configurable. Super effective. 

Cut down on manual processes and spreadsheets so you can focus on scaling and better connecting with your volunteers. 

Simplified Scheduling

Schedule volunteers across various locations, schedule volunteer shifts, and keep everyone informed where and when they are needed.

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Online Training

Utilize Rosterfy's online training modules to thoroughly induct your workforce.

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Reliable Reporting

Understand the impact of your volunteer program with comprehensive reports.

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SMS & Emails

Automate follow-up messages to volunteers through SMS, portal, and email.

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Check In & Out

Check volunteers in and out onsite with ease via our kiosk or geo-fencing options.

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Reward Volunteers

Engage and retain your volunteers through the gamification of reward and recognition.

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Compliant Workforce

Ensure that your volunteers and staff are compliant with built-in background checks.

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Use Rosterfy's powerful automations engine to automate 75% of manual processes.

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Jessica Benelli, Volunteer Coordinator, Encircle

"Being able to have different volunteers at different checkpoints has made our onboarding process so much smoother. Onboarding was so hard to manage before Rosterfy and now I feel it’s just built in"

Jessica Benelli, Volunteer & Programming Coordinator, Encircle


Boost productivity with integrations that compliment your workflow

If you're using a CMS, donation platform or one of many integrations that seamlessly link with Rosterfy, then you can continue to use them with the added benefits that come with merging them with your volunteer management software.


"Easy to use. Great customer service"

"The overall experience has been phenomenal. The Rosterfy team is very supportive they truly listen to your needs and take the time to find a way to develop a feature to support that need. Rosterfy is awesome."

"I loved the flexibility of this software. We manage a large workforce of both employees and volunteers and we run year-long courses with repeating but sometimes irregular events. Finding a software that could cost-effectively and efficiently help us manage this was exhausting...until we found Rosterfy."

"Easy to use and great customer service. Without Rosterfy we would not have been able to accomplish what was needed to manage 2,000+ volunteers."


Give volunteers an engaging experience

Remove friction and reduce no-shows by creating a smooth application and onboarding experience. 

Rosterfy empowers you to craft an immersive volunteer experience. By providing you with the necessary tools to design sleek and contemporary volunteer portals for promoting volunteer opportunities, our automated systems streamline the onboarding process, reducing the necessary steps to successfully onboard a volunteer.

Reduce the time it takes to screen and onboard a volunteers, helping you make a bigger impact in less time.


Real time volunteer program reporting

Create custom reports to highlight the impact of your volunteer program, gather more support and use in your stakeholder insights and annual reports.

Our smart automations trigger reports, giving you up to the minute reporting and allowing you to track your progress towards your goals.

Understand the true value of your volunteer program and increase your operational visibility.


The future of volunteering at your fingertips

Rosterfy's new mobile app, empowers volunteers to take control of their volunteer experience, any place, any time, all from the palm of their hands. 

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Why Enterprise organisations choose Rosterfy

The unmatched capability of Rosterfy to help you efficiently manage large numbers of volunteers through automation, coupled with our steadfast dedication to innovation, positions us as the top choice for enterprise-scale operations.

Scheduling at Scale

Rosterfy is proven on the largest global stages to easily manage, screen, and schedule thousands of applications.

Gold Standard Security

Our cloud-based security measures ensure your data remains secure with local hosting options available.

Highly Configurable

Create multiple workflows custom to your organization's specific needs, utilizing our comprehensive features list. 


With over 30+ integrations and counting, we're committed to ensuring that Rosterfy connects with the tools you love.

Rosterfy - High Performer - G2


Exceed volunteer expectations with a world class experience

One of the highest rated volunteer management platforms as voted by our customers.



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4 Half star review


5 star reviewV3


4 Half star reviewv3

ROI of Rosterfy

Here’s how Rosterfy will introduce cost efficiencies, increase operational visibility, and create a more engaging experience for your volunteers.

BHF logo

21 days

BHF reduced the time it takes until a volunteer can start from 42 days to 21
Expo 2023 Doha Logo

50K applications

Expo 2023 Doha managed 50,000 applications in 72 hours with Rosterfy
Spark Event Group Logo

99% attendance

Spark achieved a 99% attendance rate for more than 4,000 shifts at The Australian Open
Lifeline Australia Logo

50% less admin

Lifeline can process 10-12 volunteers an hour as opposed to 3-5 previously

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Partnering associations and charitable causes

Rosterfy is proud to support these organisations

Charity Retail Association UK
Charitable Recycling Australia
Charity Softball League
Disability Sports Australia-1


Future Proof your Volunteer Program

Streamline operations, ensure compliance, and better connect your community.

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Rosterfy by the Numbers

We have offices in United Kingdom, U.S and Australia, which has helped us support customer volunteer programs around the world.

From Sydney to Southampton and Queensland to Qatar, Rosterfy helps organisations make a global impact.

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Rosterfy FAQs

What is Rosterfy?

Rosterfy is an end-to-end Volunteer Management Software solution. It helps workforce managers and their teams better organize their programs, increase visibility of their operations, and engage with their volunteers and paid staff.

The biggest difference between Rosterfy and other Volunteer Management Software providers is how configurable and comprehensive it is. We are also one of the only solutions in market that allows you to automate 75% of your end to end workforce management. This makes a massive difference to organizations who manage multiple teams over multiple locations - many of which require different features and data to be available.

Who uses Volunteer Management Software?

Any charity, non-profit, local government, sporting organization, university, or major event may consider using Volunteer Management Software (VMS) for their volunteer program.

The provider they choose often comes down to how comprehensive they need their software to be.

Rosterfy is the perfect choice for those organizations who are looking to scale their operation or who have mass workforce requirements. They need a comprehensive feature rich software platform and the need scale as their program grows. 

That's why Rosterfy is the leading choice for large charities and major sporting organizations.

How do you create a Volunteer Management Software implementation plan?

Reach out to a Rosterfy professional to start the conversation around how our volunteer management software can help your organization improve internal processes and better engage your volunteers and staff. 

We would recommend requesting a demo from one of our friendly sales reps as it may help uncover some features you didn't realize you could benefit from and it will give you an opportunity to ask some questions.

Click here to speak to our team.

What is Volunteer Management Software?

Volunteer Management Software helps you manage the entire workflow for your volunteers and paid staff.

It simplifies the process of tracking recruitment, screening, training and attendance, saving hours by replacing manual processes with automations. 

When nonprofits, local governments, or sports organizations need to track the impact of their volunteer program they use Volunteer Management Software.

What are the main features Volunteer Management Software should have?

This is entirely dependent on the operation that you're running.

For organizations looking to move away from spreadsheets and improve how you communicate to your volunteers features of interest may include:

However, if you are looking for a solution to provide more visibility of your operation, these features may be of interest: