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Sending Auto Shift Reminder Communications

Available for Core & Enterprise-2

Automated shift reminders will allow you send a reminder for when a shift is upcoming or vital information. You can configure your account to send an automated shift reminder based on the shift start time using an Event Shift - Scheduled Start automation

Before attempting to create an automation you will need to create a communication template that will be sent.

1. Click Settings

2. Select Advanced and click Automations

3. Click Create

4. Enter Name

Note:- When adding a name be descriptive about the purpose and try to include a reference to the event/shift.

5. Select Task: Event Shift - Scheduled Start

6. Select a Delay. 

This relates to the time you want the action to trigger in relation to the scheduled shift start time. The action can be triggered before or after. In the screenshot below, the action will be triggered 1 day before the scheduled shift start time. 



7. Click Save

8. Click Add Rule

9. Add an Event ID and Save (Note:  If the automation applies to all events, do not put any rules against this automation task)

10. Click Add In the Actions section

11. Select how you want to communicate using either an Email, SMS or Notification template.

12. Select your template in the Options tab and Save

You can repeat steps 8-10 to setup multiple reminders or any other additional actions like assigning a Reward or Training.