Sending a Contract When a Shift is Applied For


If you need to obtain a digital signature on a document/contract the Adobe Sign Integration allows you to collect it when a shift is applied for. 

You can set this up by:

1. Go to Settings > Advanced > Automations.

2. Click Create button (see below in the red box). To start the process of creating a new automation. 


3. Name the automation in the Name field. In this example we have used 'Send Contract on Shift Application'.

4. In the Tasks drop down select Event Shift - Apply (highlighted in the red box below)

5. Set the Delay on the task by using the drop down fields. (In this example we are setting no delay. When a form is completed this Task will run at that moment. If you wanted it to run at a later time you can set the delay accordingly).

6. Click the blue Save button (highlighted in the yellow box below). This will then extend the page with Rules and Actions.


7. The Rules (highlighted in the yellow box below) are where you set which form that you want to trigger this Automation. In this example we will leave blank to trigger for all shifts.  

8. Click the Add button (highlighted in red box below). 


9. In the Add Action Pop up there will be 3 tabs. First complete the tab General.

10. Name the action. Describe what it will be doing. In this scenario we have 'send contract'.

11. In the Action drop down box (highlighted in a red box below) select Send User Contract.

12. In this scenario ignore the second delay option as we want to send it right away. 

13. Skip the Rules tab as it requires no additional rules to send. 

14. Click on the Options tab (highlighted in a yellow box below) to continue to the third tab. 


15. In the Contract dropdown box (highlighted in a red box below) select the contract that is to be sent to the User. We have selected 'Template Contract'.

16. Click Submit (highlighted in the yellow box below) 


17. Click Save to finalise the Automation. 

18. The Automation has now been created. Whenever a User applies to an Event Shift, Adobe Sign will send the contract to the User Email Address. 

Some other times when you might want to send the contract/document to be signed: 

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