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Post Event feedback


Post-event feedback is important as it will allow you to directly understand where you can improve with Users and gain ideas for that improvement.
You can gather this feedback by providing users with a Post Event Feedback form which can be created with the Event User Interaction Form Type and applied in Post Event tab within the Event Settings.

Once created the form will display as button above the Post Event gallery.


An example of some good post event questions are:

  1. Considering your complete experience at the event, how likely are you to recommend future events to your friends or colleagues?
  2. What did you like about the event?
  3. What did you dislike about the event?
  4. How would you rate the organization of the event between (poor)1 - 5 (very good)
  5. How much pre-event information was provided to you to help you better understand your role between (poor)1 - 5 (very good)
  6. What was the reason you chose to attend our event and what were your expectations from the event?
  7. Do you have any other comments/suggestions that would help us make future events better?

For more information you can view Post Event article.