Form Type Overview

There are different types of forms that allow you to collect user information added to the relevant setting to collect information from a user.

Select Form from the left hand sidebar to open your list of existing forms. To make a new form, select 'Create' at the top right hand side.

You may also Update, Preview or Copy from selecting more actions via the ellipses on the right hand side of any existing forms within your portal.

Forms Admin View

When you create a new form, you will see the different form types available:

Form type Description Module location found
Anonymous Form Collecting general information for admin to view without user identifying information.   Portal / web url

Event Shift Signup

Collecting information when registering to a specific shift. Shift settings

Event Shift User Interaction

Collecting information as part of shift that has been registered. Examples of this include check in or check out forms and post shift feedback.  Shift settings

Event User Interaction  

Generating expression of interest for pre-event signup

Collecting Post Event information

Event setting
Role Offer User Interaction Collecting information when a user has a role offer. Role offer setting
Training User Registration The information to be collected when completing a Training module (external users) Training
User Interaction Collecting general information from a user and will generate a unique URL. Portal
User Profile Display all User information on the User portal. Portal
User Registration The information to be collected when creating a Rosterfy account. Registration


*Please Note: The Name created will be visible to the User when completing any Interaction Form

Once the Form has been Saved you will be able to click and drag attributes in the Available Fields (left) to Active Fields (right) section to setup the order you would like users to view these fields.

Move from Available to Active  copy

You can Add Content to your form; including section headers, images, documents or text. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 4.04.44 pm

You also have the ability to Control Custom Field Visibility for each of the Active Fields on the form to add conditional visibility logic, update the label or make the field mandatory.