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Permission Roles overview

Available for Rapid, Core & Enterprise-1

You can control the access each Users has within various Rosterfy modules . A permission role establishes which modules a User can access and how they can access it. Maybe you have staff in your organization that just need to access Events and no settings or reports. Maybe you have a payroll department that just needs access to reports. With User Roles you can setup your own roles and assign to users.

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There are some modules that exist underneath sections that you do not want a Admin user to be able to see and access. For example, if giving the a User permission to create/manage Training. They will have the below permission setup:


However, as the Training module exists within Users (that they do not have access), you need to provide them the direct link to that specific module.

Another example would be to give a admin user specific access to a select group it would be setup as below:

mceclip0 (2)-3

Once the Event permission has been added you can then use a filter on the event tab to specify which events are available.

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When the User permission is enabled you can then limit based on attribute criteria.

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