Organization Settings



This page allows you to configure your platform wide settings and setup your defaults across your account. These settings are also inherited by any sub-accounts if enabled.

Many of the settings will already be set to use recommended defaults, to override these defaults, you must first untick the 'Use Default' toggle. 

Some of these settings may not be available to you based on the license you have or the permissions you have in the Rosterfy platform


Available locales
The locales selected control how many languages your platform will be available in. Each locale requires all content to be written in that language

Default locale
The locale controls how dates, times, distances and currencies are displayed by default across the platform

Default timezone
The default timezone chosen for any shifts or schedules across the platform

Default country
This controls the default option chosen in country dropdowns and state lists, as well as the expected phone number format

Start day of the week
The default start day of the week. This is used to calculate how many hours have been scheduled in a week period when putting limits on this.


Minimum age
Users must meet the minimum age requirements set when they are registering. This calculation is based on their age at the time of registering. This will also be enforced when importing users.

Minimum age by date
Users must meet the minimum age requirements by this date. This is a modification of the above setting that calculates the minimum age based on the set date instead of the current date.

Users can log-in?
This setting enables/disables the login form for users. Admins can still login

Allow social log-in?
This setting enables/disables the google and facebook login buttons on the login page. It also disables registration using these identity providers.

Captcha on log-in form?
This will enforce a re-captcha field on every login page

Users can register? 
This setting enables/disables access to your registration form

Registration form

You can set which form is being used on the registration form. This allows you to switch which form is being used at any time on the registration page.

Profile form
This controls which form to show to the user in the portal 


Maximum number of time users can work in a week
Set the maximum number of hours a user can work in a week. This calculation is made using the first day of week defined at the top of the settings.

Gap between Shifts in minutes
Set the default time between shifts. A time of 0 allows overlapping shifts. 

Minimum Shift Length 
Set the default minimum shift length

Maximum Shift Length
Set the default maximum shift length

Default Shift User Status
Set the default status of shift users

Default Shift Confirmed User Status
Set the default user status for when a user confirms their shift either from the portal or an email.

Default Shift Rejected User Status
Set the default user status for when a user declines their shift either from the portal or an email.

Users Can Withdraw from Shifts
This setting allows you to choose whether to allow your users to withdraw from shifts in the portal

Default Shift Checked In User Status
Set the default status of users who check in to shifts

Default Shift Application Form
Select the default form for shift applications. This form will appear for each shift a user applies to.

Allow Self Check In
This settings allows you to choose whether users are able to self check-in

Check In visible attributes
Select the attributes you want to be visible on the check in page


Choose a training for all users
Set the training module that all users must complete. This module is assigned to the user when their account is created


From email
All emails from your account will come from this address. This may be restricted to until you have verified your domain to allow Rosterfy to send emails from your domain. Your subscription may not give you access to modify this setting. 

From Name
Emails sent through Rosterfy will show this name in the recipients box

Reply to
When a recipient replies to an email sent from Rosterfy, this will be the address

Forgot password email template
Set the template for forgot password emails. You can modify the content of this email in the Communications section.

Email banner
Select the default image for email banners


Set the name of your account

A description of the Account that can optionally be shared on Social Media

Logo (color)
Upload a color image that looks good on a white background. For best results, upload an image with a transparent background. This will appear in your email banner and login page.

Logo (monochrome)
Upload a transparent black or white logo that looks good with your primary color. This will appear in the top corner of the portal and admin console. 

Background Image
This image is shown behind the forms on the login and registration page

Upload an image that appears as your tab icon in web browsers

Primary color
Set the primary color that will appear across your account

Secondary color
Set the secondary color that will appear across your account

Custom CSS
Editing this field allows you to make Rosterfy fit your brand, however, if you do not write valid CSS, you may see unexpected results. Please consult a Rosterfy team member before editing this field

Adding a analytics tag and customising communication provider