How do I create a report?


Creating a report is quick and simple. This feature allows you to filter your data and download a customised Excel or CSV file at your convenience. A number of reports are available to you and below we have outlined the process to follow.

Create a Report

1. Click the Reports tab in the top navigation bar

2.  Click the Create button


3. Enter a Name for the report

4. Select a Report Type from the drop down selection. More information of report types can be found in Reports Overview


5. Select the File Type that the report will be created as ( either .csv or .xls) 

6. Tick the Media Files and Sub-account tick boxes if information is required

7. Click Next


8. Select which columns from the available attributes you would like to include in the report. (Some reports will have multiple boxes depending on the attributes available for that report) 


9. Click Add Columns


10. Click Next


11. Add Rules for filters on the report if they are required. This will only pull information in if it meets the requirements of the rule, 

12. Click Next


13. The report can be Sorted by certain sortable attributes. 


14. The report can be ran now by clicking Submit or scheduled for a later date. 


Downloading Your Report

Upon returning to the main report page, you will see a list of reports and their status. The status will show:

Processing - The means the system is busy generating the report. Please wait while this takes place. It is safe to navigate away from this page and you will receive an email once the report has completed generating.

Download - Once processing is complete, the Download button in blue will appear. It is now safe to download your report to Excel of CSV.