Creating a reminder automation

Available for Core & Enterprise-1

You can use Rosterfy automation to create a reminder when users have not completed an action that you require.

The below example is to setup a registration reminder:

1. Create your reminder email template

2. Click Settings

3. Click Advanced and select Automations

4. Click Create 

5. Add the automation reminder name and select the automation task. The below image is using a register task for after account creation).



6. In the delay select when you would like the reminder email to be sent. The below example is for 2 days (48 hours)


7. After saving add a Action

8.Select Email Action


9. Click Rules tab and add rule which typically should be the last required attribute on the form or information that is essential to determine the application is complete.


10. Click Options tab to select your email template and click Submit


If you want another reminder you will need to follow the steps above to create a new automation task but changing the delay.