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Adding users to a role offer

Available for Core & Enterprise-2

Once you have created your role offer you can begin to assign Users individually or bulk by using their attribute response or group.

Adding a individual User

1. Click Headcount on the main dashboard

2. Click Role Offers

3. Click View Users


You will now be able to choose whether you add an individual User or you can select to Add From Viable Users.


Viable users are users who meet the criteria set in the Role Offer and have been accepted within the functional area. 


A viable user group can be created either by assigning users by their attribute selection the article Creating A User Group

Bulk adding Users to a Role by attribute response

1. Click Users on the main dashboard

2. Use Filter to show Users with a specific response


Once the list has been refined the Users shown can be added to your role offer.

3. Click Actions

4. Select Export Users to Role Offer


5. Add Role Offer and Select All listed Users


6. Click Export

Once Users have been assigned to published Role Offer it will be available to view on the Portal. In order to provide a notification that a Role Offer has been assigned to a User you will need to Send a communication to the Role Offer Users