Candidate Levels Summary

There's a Rosterfy Package that's right for you. It all depends on the number of candidates you need to engage with and the services you need.


Candidate Level Description Yearly Investment (USD)

Capacity for up to 500 volunteers

Level 1

Capacity for up to 1,000 volunteers

Level 2

Capacity for up to 2,000 volunteers

Level 3

Capacity for up to 3,000 volunteers

Level 4

Capacity for up to 4,000 volunteers

Level 5

Capacity for up to 5,000 volunteers

Level 6

Capacity for up to 6,000 volunteers

Level 7

Capacity for up to 7,000 volunteers

Level 8

Capacity for up to 8,000 volunteers

Level 9

Capacity for up to 9,000 volunteers

Level 10

Capacity for up to 10,000 volunteers




Excellent Customer Service and it's easy to learn. They are always available to answer our questions and provide support.

Becky C.
A happy G2 reviewer

Rosterfy is awesome. The overall experience has been phenomenal. Their customer support team are fantastic and they truly listen to your needs.

Annie T.
Impressed Volunteer Manager

We love the ability to communicate with our event staff in a variety of ways, especially SMS which greatly reduce attrition.

Scott A.
Loves our SMS feature