Zoom Integration

This Integration is not yet live. This article is currently published as part of the Zoom application review process. Customers will be notified when this integration is activated

Rosterfy allows you to integrate with your Zoom account, to seamlessly add video conferencing to any shift in your Rosterfy account. This allows you to conduct interviews, training and virtual shifts without sending or managing separate calendar tools. You can also utilize Zoom's password security by password protecting your Zoom meetings from within Rosterfy.


  1. Navigate to Rosterfy integrations manager. This is found at /admin/settings/advanced/integration/list.
  2. To enable Zoom, you should click the + button. This will take you to the integration setup page
  3. On the setup page, you commence authorization by clicking the Authorize button. 
  4. This will cause an authorization popup to appear. If you do not see the popup, you may need to disable popup blockers. This popup explains the access Rosterfy needs on your Zoom account to setup online meetings for you. 
  5. Once authorized, you will land back on the integration setup page. You should see a Deauthorize button which confirms the integration is successfully configured. If you ever need to disable the integration, you can return here to deauthorize Rosterfy from accessing your Zoom account.


To configure a Zoom meeting to one of your shifts in Rosterfy, you simply need to create a Zoom meeting from any shift update page. 

  1. Navigate to a shift update page in your Rosterfy application
  2. Select the video conference navigation tab
  3. Click the 'Add to Zoom' button
  4. Optionally set a password to join the meeting. This password can be used as a mail merge tag in any emails.
  5. Once the meeting is created, you will be presented with the meeting details. All these meeting details can be used in mail merge tags. The meeting link is also visible to any user in the portal if they have a confirmed shift. The password is not visible in the portal (if applicable), it must be separately sent to the user.
  6. If you need to remove or cancel the meeting in future, you can return to this page and click the 'Remove from Zoom' button. This will also delete the meeting on Zoom.


To remove your Zoom integration, you will reverse the installation process. 

  1. Navigate to Rosterfy integrations manager. This is found at /admin/settings/advanced/integration/list.
  2. You will see under the enabled list, the Zoom integration. You can simply click the X button which will deauthorize Rosterfy from accessing your Zoom account. This will also disable access to any configured Zoom meetings on your Rosterfy account. 


  • I cannot see Zoom in my list of integrations
    • You do not have permission to enable this integration. This could because of your admin role or your Rosterfy license. Contact your account administrator or Rosterfy on this helpdesk to find out more details.
  • I can't see an authorize pop up
    • Please ensure you have enabled popups on your browser
  • I cannot see the 'video conference' option in my shift
    • You have not completed the setup process. 

Contact Support

  • The Rosterfy client success team is here to help you with your Rosterfy account. Our support team is online Monday to Friday 24 hours a day. 
    • If you are having issues with your Rosterfy / Zoom integration, please submit a support ticket on our Rosterfy site.
    • You can also submit a support request to support@rosterfy.com.