Unsubscribing From Emails

From June 1st 2024, mail providers will now block bulk-senders who do not support one-click unsubscribe. This article explains what Rosterfy is doing to address this and what is required from you.

What is happening

Google and Yahoo will soon begin to enforce their stricter controls to protect their users from spam and unwanted emails which they announced in October 2023. Already they are enforcing DKIM, DMARC and SPF for senders of emails, which Rosterfy supports fully both for customers using our shared noreply@rosterfy.co sending domain, as well as customers using their own sending domains. 

From June 1st 2024, these mail providers will also now block bulk-senders who do not support one-click unsubscribe in any emails sent from their service, which Rosterfy qualifies as. One-click unsubscribe allows a user to unsubscribe from a service or mailing list by clicking an unsubscribe button in the email client, not the email content.

What changes is Rosterfy making

To implement one-click unsubscribe for all emails sent from Rosterfy, we are adding a few new features, and making some updates to some old ones.

  • All users of the platform will now have a subscribed status for both transactional and marketing emails. This means they can subscribe or unsubscribe from both or either 
  • Rosterfy will implement one-click unsubscribe for all emails sent from the platform. This means a user can unsubscribe from any email sent from the Rosterfy platform, split into two purposes: marketing and transactional. The unsubscribe button in any emails are linked to the type of email that is sent
    • If a user unsubscribes from your transactional emails then any email sent from an automation, reminders, or interactions with the system will be blocked from sending.
    • The exception to this is ‘Forgot Password’ and security alert emails. These will always be sent and cannot be unsubscribed from.
  • Customers can implement into any form the ‘Subscribe to transactional emails’ (note, we have referred to them by default as system notifications as this is more relevant to the consumer) permission. Customers do not have to implement this, meaning end users could not unsubscribe from the emails in the platform, however it also means they could not resubscribe in future if they do unsubscribe from an email

What do customers need to do?

If you are using the ‘Out of the box’ permission form in the users profile, then no action is needed. We will add the new permission into the form for you. If you are using a custom permissions form, you should consider adding in this field so users can manage their subscriptions by themselves.

If a customer wants to send from their own domain, then Rosterfy can turn off this unsubscribe feature for you. The risk of doing so is that Google may then block all your emails from all recipients if users have no way to unsubscribe. This is not advisable, however if you do not qualify as a bulk sender to Google, it may be something you could consider. 

As long as the content being sent to your end-users is relevant and engaging, this change will have limited impact. The goal for Google is to ensure that their users are not receiving unwanted emails and therefore is taking steps to protect that goal. Rosterfy is supportive of this approach and is ensuring emails that come from Rosterfy are compliant with their rules to ensure continued email delivery to end users.