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Tips for importing Users and shifts

Available for Core & Enterprise-1

These are some tips to preparing your import file for import into Rosterfy

  1. Use the sample excel file. This will provide an example of the type of information that is accepted by Rosterfy depending on where you are importing.
  2. Check that the data being imported matches the account parameters. This means that you should check that when importing users that there are no foreign characters or the date of birth of the user is greater than the minimum date of birth. If importing shifts ensure that the shift start/end date are within the event start and end date
  3. Check there are no duplicate emails when importing users
  4. Try to use a .xls or .xlsx
  5. If you set your import columns to be in the order of the import sample you can overwrite the data by using Paste Formula mceclip0-May-04-2022-09-49-58-45-AM
  6. If the import has failed make a note of the corrections and where possible use a new sample or reopen the previously imported file