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Shift User Listing

Locate all users across multiple events and shifts with the new Shift Users feature in Rosterfy. 

Located on the left side navigation bar, nested under events you will find Shift Users.  Clicking this you will find all the users allocated with any shift, on any event, with their current status in one place. 

Shift Users Listing (SS)

From this page, you can filter and sort through users across all events and shifts.  Use this page to see statuses, communicate with volunteers, and perform bulk updates all in one place. 

Sending communications through the Shift User Listing will ensure that a user will only get one email, and you will need to ensure that you are using the proper mail merge tags for the communication you would like to send through the Shift User Listing. 

*Note* - You cannot separate the recipients for the email correspondence by Status, Event or Shift.   If you are looking to send a communication to specific statuses, by specific events and shifts, take look at sending a communication through that specific event & shift. 

Bulk Updating through the Shift User Listing - You can update all the following information for the users within the Shift User Listing including Status, Check-In Date/Time, Check-Out Date/Time, Breaks, Is Shift Leader; you can apply this to all the users listed, or make a selection and update only those selected. 

Export To Excel - You can export the full list of Users and the columns you have selected to excel with one button and get a report downloaded directly to you.