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Shift List

Available for Rapid, Core & Enterprise-May-05-2022-06-36-35-09-AM


This page shows you a list of all shifts created for an event. From this page, you can access a number of functions such as shift creation, updating shift details (per shift or in bulk), communicate with users on a shift or export shift users to a group.

Bulk Update Shifts
Under Actions, the Bulk Update Shifts tool allows you to make changes to all shifts or a selection from your shift list.  Changes can be made to fields such as the minimum and maximum demand, start date/time, address or whether the shift is published or not. You can also update shift settings in bulk from this screen.

For events with a large number of shifts, save time by importing shifts directly into your event using an import template. 

Export your shifts into an Excel or CSV file

You can choose to filter your list of shifts by name, start/end date or published/unpublished. Any shift attributes you have created that are marked as 'Filterable' will be available as a filter in this list

Customize the page by selecting the columns you want to appear on the Shift List table. All shift attributes you have created will also be available in this list.