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Setup an Interview Page & Questions

Available for Core & Enterprise

Rosterfy allows you to manage the interview process with Events and Event shift user attributes/forms.

Creating an Interview event type

An event type allows you to control who can view your interviews based on their checkpoint.

Creating an Interview Page & Time Slots

An interview page can be created in the same way as an Event is created for scheduling.

1. Add the interview details into the description and add a location (or select Is Virtual for online interviews).

Note- Rosterfy has a Microsoft Teams Integration to provide video conference link per interview slot

mceclip0 (2)


2. Create your available interview time slots as shifts.


For more information on Events see the article Creating An Event


Setting Up Interview Questions

You may wish to record responses to interview questions against candidate profiles. 

The first step is to create an Attribute Category for your interview attributes. This will help to keep this information separated on the user profile. 

Go to Settings > Attributes

Click on the Categories tab > Create

mceclip1 (1)

To create interview questions, go to Settings > Attributes >  mceclip2.png



The interview questions that are assigned to the Interview category will then appear under a tab in the user profile (admin side only) and can be completed during the interview process.