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Self Check In via Email

To streamline to check-in process for candidates, a shift check-in link can be added to emails via a merge tag. 

The first step to allowing self-check-in via email is making sure your shift allows self-check-in.  

Go to the events page, select "view shifts", update the shift you would like to allow self-check-in for, and select the check-in tab. 

Once in the check-in section of Shifts, select the tick mark for Allow Self Check-In.  Click Save

Self Check In

If you would like to allow Self Check-in for all shifts you can do this in one easy step by using the bulk update option under actions in shifts. 

Bulk Update Shift

One self-check-in is allowed you can now generate your merge tag for email communications. 

Go to the Communications tab, select email, and open templates. Here you will create your own template for self-check-in.  This template can be made to be sent out when you would like volunteers to check-in. See the attached link for more details on sending emails. Sending an email

When creating your template you will want to attach the merge tag *|event_shift_user_checkin_link|* 

Shift Check in Link

This will add the merge tag that will add a link for the Volunteer to click on to check in for that specific shift, and specific event. 


  • If the shift has a Check-In Form attached, candidates will be directed to Log In to complete this form before they are able to check-in. 
  • If the Self Check-In window is not yet open, the check-in link will be invalid. It's important you communicate this with candidates OR ensure the email is sent when the check-in window is open.