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Rosterfy Mobile App [Beta] - Features

The below table highlights the features of the Rosterfy mobile app. While the app is continuously evolving and improving, there are some features that are not currently available.

Feature Rosterfy App Rosterfy Desktop (User Portal)
Social Logins (Google and Facebook)
Custom Forms
Custom Fields & Form Elements (except e-signature and encrypted)
User Profile
Account linking N/A
App Permissions (Location and Notifications) N/A
User QR Code
Search / Filter Opportunities (maps coming soon)
Apply to Shifts (inc. shift application form)
Shift Check-In (inc. check-in form)
Shift Check-Out (inc. check-out form)
Apply to Roles (inc. role application form)
Accept or Reject Role Offers (inc. forms)
Expression of Interest
Checkpoint Journey
Dashboard Content
Promoted Events
Promoted Roles
Upcoming Shifts
Leader Mode
Event History
Training (Inc. SCORM)
News Articles
Feedback forms
Custom portal menu links
Portal branding & terminology
Journeys coming soon
Rewards coming soon
Subaccounts coming soon
Group Manager
Inventory items
Custom filters
Family Module
User Activities
Kiosk Mode
Parental Consent
Reference Checks
Contact Center
Multi-language support coming soon
Single Sign On


Note: The Rosterfy App is built for volunteers, there are no administrative features included in the app. 

Updated: April 2024