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Reward allocation


Before you can allocate a Reward, you must first create a Reward Item

To set up reward allocation, go to Users > Reward & Recognition > Allocations > Create


  • Enter a name for the Allocation
  • Select 'Rewards' as the type of allocation
  • Select the rule that determines the allocation:
    • Total Number of Shifts
    • Total Number of Events
    • Toal Number of Hours
  • Add Conditions that must be met for the allocation to to apply. For example, 'Age is greater than 18' 
  • Click Save


Selecting the Item/s to Allocate

  • Scroll down to the Items section and click 11-3
  • Select the Reward & Recognition Item
  • Select the Quantity you want to allocate
  • Enter a time duration if applicable
  • Click submit