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Product Updates - (SP072) - 27 February 2024

This document will provide an overview of the features/updates the product development team has delivered in Sprint SPO72 (27 February 2024 Release)

What’s New 🚀

Ability to copy certificates

Certificates can now be copied by users who have ‘create’ permissions.

💡How this helps

This minor change will help administrators create certificates in an efficient manner. 

Add images to certificates

Within the certificate editor, mail merge tags that are image files can now be added, including images that are QR codes. Files must be JPG or PNG.

Certificates that are assigned to users can be viewed by an administrator within the user update page

Out of scope

  • You cannot preview the image in the certificate editor as it will be pulled from the entity once it is assigned.

💡How this helps
Create more engaging and purposeful certificates with the addition of images, including QR codes.

Add ‘Certificates’ to account Terminology

The phrase ‘Certificates’ has been added to the terminology list, so that the term can be customised.

💡How this helps
Allows the term to be changed and utilised for other purposes, i.e instead of displaying certificates, this page could display ‘Parking Passes’.

Ability to set Default Columns on listings

In any column picker, authorised users can set the default columns for a listing. A new admin permission will be added so users authorised by their role are allowed to set the default columns. 

Any user can still set their own columns, however they can always click the default button which will load the customers chosen defaults. 

💡How this helps

This feature will allow different organisations to set the default columns that matter to them, making listings more meaningful and relevant. 

ParkLive Integration

This integration will synchronise the Rosterfy shift-user records with Park Live Bookings. In this integration the following entities are mapped between the two systems

  • Park Live Venue - Rosterfy Location Type
  • Park Live Main Carpark - Rosterfy Location
  • Park Live Carpark - Rosterfy Venue
  • Park Live Event - Rosterfy Event
  • Park Live Booking - Rosterfy Shift-User record

When a user is confirmed on a shift in Rosterfy, this should be reflected in Park Live. Subsequent updates to the Rosterfy User should all be reflected in all bookings that user has. As no shift data is retained on the booking, the only updates that need to be sent to Park Live on the shift changing is if it is cancelled and/or deleted which should delete the booking 

Export Form Responses from Form Listing

An ‘Export Form Responses’ action has been added against Forms of the Type = User Interaction - Answers retained for new submissions. 

The export will include all fields currently on the form as columns and the data within each column will contain the latest value only (no historical data previously entered against the field). 

Responses can be exported in either csv or excel format.

💡How this helps
Allows administrators to quickly extract form responses without needing to create a report.

Add ‘Like’ button to News Articles 

A like button will appear against News Articles in the portal. This is controlled by an account setting ‘Enable Liking Articles’

The number of ‘Likes’ can be viewed by administrators in the News Article listing

💡How this helps
Adding a ‘like’ button gives users an opportunity to engage with content from an organisation. Administrators will be able to track what content is garnering the most interest through the ‘like’ count. 

Payment Reporting

A new report type has been added called ‘Payment Report’. 

Payment related fields can be added to the report, as well as payment related filters

Each transaction can be listed in the report, along with any other system or custom fields. 

💡How this helps
Administrators can compile a record of all payment transactions and refunds

Sort Payment Amounts on a Role Offer

If there are multiple payment rules against a Role Offer, these can now be sorted (moved up or down in priority order).  

If a user matches two payment rules, then the higher priority should be charged.

💡How this helps
Makes it easier to prioritise payment rules and ensures that users are assigned the correct payment amount. 

Ability to set headcount permissions directly from user profile

Previously, individual administrator roles would need to be created for each Functional Area (FA), Venue or Role Offer, now a single permission role can be set up and the access to specific FA’s, venues or role offers can be assigned to a user directly, saving the need for multiple admin roles. 

To set up:
The following settings must be enabled to utilise this feature;

Within Organisation Settings, under the Security tab, ‘Advanced Permission Roles’ must be enabled. 

Once enabled, within each permission role, an option to ‘use user specific module limits’ will appear. This will allow specific modules to be selected to set up 

Within the user update page, the modules will then appear under the Access tab. These can then be updated for any user with an administrator role set.

💡How this helps
For organisations that require a large amount of administrators (for example, retail store managers), this change will help make creating and editing permissions roles easier. If a permission role needs to be updated, instead of doing this across hundreds of roles, this can now be done to a single role. 

Horizontal Permissions for Checkpoints / Automations / Communication Templates and Forms 

Administrators can now further restrict admin role access for checkpoints, automations, communication templates and forms.

💡How this helps
These horizontal permissions help create even more granular access to certain areas of Rosterfy. 

Minor Enhancements / Fixes ☑️

Remove refund fields from form after a request has been submitted
Once a user has submitted a form with a refund request, the refund fields are now hidden.

Ensure users cannot request a refund more than deposit amount

Validation added to refund requests to prevent a request that is higher than the deposit amount.

Show in portal if emails were marked as spam

If an email has been marked as Spam, users can now see this in their portal and check their spam folders.