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Product Updates - (SP068) - 14 November 2023

This document will provide an overview of the features/updates the product development team has delivered in Sprint SPO68 (14 November 2023 Release)

Ability to Report on Total Attended Hours over a time period 

Within reports, administrators have the ability to edit the Total Attended Hours field and choose a specific time period. This means that the report will calculate the hours attended during the selected dates, instead of showing the total hours attended overall.

Total hours attended widget (RR-5361)

A new widget  'Total attended hours' can be added to the admin dashboard. This widget allows administrators to easily track the total hours attended by users.



The widget can be customised to display the total hours attended by users since a specific date or a certain number of days.



Improved Column Manager

A new and improved column manager that includes;

  • A search function
  • Field categorisation
  • Expand and collapse all fields
  • Easily rearrange or remove fields


Ability to add mail merge tags to content in forms

Mail merge tags can now be added to content across various forms.

This is useful to personalise forms, add shift, role or attendance information. 


Ability to Add Portal Content on the Kiosk Mode scanning page

A new content page has been added to Settings > Portal Content for Kiosk Mode.

The content will then be displayed within the Kiosk Mode page, beneath the scanner. 

This content could be useful to display directions or instructions to people checking in.


Ability to trigger automations when bulk updating

On the following listings, the option to trigger automations has been added:

  • Timesheet
  • shift user listing - full list
  • shift user listing - single shift
  • shift user listing - user update

Automations using any of the following tasks can be triggered:

  • Event Shift User Status Changed
  • Event Shift User Checkin 
  • Event Shift User Checkout

Additionally, within the shift user list, custom fields will also be available to bulk update.


Ability to trigger automations during imports 

The following imports will now have the option to trigger automations:

  • Shift-import
    • Automation Task - Event Shift Cancelled
  • Shift-user import
    • Automation Task - Event Shift User Status Change 
  • Event-import
    • Automation Task - Event Cancelled
  • Role Offer-user import
    • Automation Task - Role Offer assign
    • Automation Task - Role Offer pending
    • Automation Task - Role Offer User Status Change
  • User import
    • Automation Task - User - Email Verified

Import Shift - trigger canceled shifts automation - Watch Video



Additional Fields available to add as Columns in Listings 

Administrators now have the ability to add Options (Select Multiple) and Text fields as columns in their listings.

When it comes to Text (multi line) fields, the first 25 characters will be displayed. However, if you need to see the full text, simply click on 'view more' and a popup will appear with the remaining content. This feature is designed to help administrators easily access additional information within listings, eliminating the need to open up each user profile individually.


New Journey Step Criteria - ‘Apply to Shift’ 

A new criteria has been added to move candidates through Journey steps. This criteria is triggered when users apply to a shift.

The rules tab provides flexibility for administrators to determine whether users progress through their journey step by applying to any shift or only for shifts that have a linked role. Additional rules can also be added, such as shift location, ID, or type.


Ability to set and send temporary password to users

From the User Update page, administrators can now manually set or generate a temporary password for users.

After setting the password, an email can be sent to the user.

Note - You will need to create a new email template that includes the *|temporary_password|* merge tag 


Minor Enhancements

  • Shift Type added to shift import template 
  • If admin users access the portal, show portal name of modules, not the admin name 
  • Journey step added as a column and filter in role offer reports 

  • Event User created-at added as a filter and column in reports 

  • Allow columns to be selected/updated in Family view

  • Larger font for Journey criteria in Portal